could you be mine

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"who were you looking for?"
"i don't know. i don't know."

all that's glitter can be gold

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some outtakes from my ig.
i have a problem in where there is like 0% motivation
for either drawing or writing when i finally have the free time.

puasa limits any strenuous activities 
(mostly due to sheer laziness than exhaustion)
so im just spending time marathoning full seasons of shows
i've been meaning to watch for the past year.

so far so good.

oh no/ not again

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wow the last i've updated this blog was in november last year.
i really have no shame.

i'm highly considering to delete this blog if it wasn't for the massive amount 
of updates and pictures i have over the years on this.

i guess i can still post on seasonal visits.

sunny side

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i can see why hipster-aesthetic blogs are so obsessed with these plants.
they're so cute!
(and sooo easy to take care.)

help a fella

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i don't have motivation to study.
pls send help.

surprising grey areas

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i haven't finished any university work.
i. am. so. screwed.