he's elusive and i'm awake

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 ©  Paradise Kiss, Ai Yazawa

some more paradise kiss gifs because wow making gifs are fun


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guess whose birthday it was???

new york cheesecake is the bomb
to both of your taste and stomach.

and omg scones
it was delishhhhhhhhh

idk what to write anymore so here's a post about food

ehhhh he knows the risk

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helped my youngest brother in his art assignment
because he is hopeless at it.
he is going to get screwed if his teacher ask him to recreate it

you'd blink watery sunlight from your eyes

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buy him a jug of honey
and he'll wh-wh-whisper secrets
into the vein of your left wrist,
and if you can decipher those
inverted words and broken
lyrics maybe he'll give you
rusks and a sad smile
that leaves your mouth

he'll comb his hair,
crinkling his face in defeat
and tell you: don't be 
friends with me.

you'd not answer, silently
gazing at him and wonder:
why this boy will refuse
kindness but pour his heart
to the most intimate part of you
for purchased sweetness.

he'd gingerly take his payment
and cross over the street
to ask a stranger
for starburst candies
and waited till it rains
for the sight of the jar filled
with cosmic gumdrops,
refusing the stranger's umbrella
and whispered to her temple

you'd watch her tired face
slowly turning alight
with wonder and puzzlement
and he'd leave her standing still,
looking as radiant as the first shaft
of sunlight through that rainy afternoon

as he turned to a corner,
he'd glanced at you,
for a second, no more.

and that's when you know.


well that poem was a little longer than expected. i swear, i really thought it would end at the first stanza. i should've placed this in my poetry blog but meh whenever tried to post anything there, i get all jittery and nervous and writers-blocked like wtf the reason why i made a poetry blog is to have a no-judgement, no-filter environment but i end up not posting anything for weeks oyyy

bad girls gone badder

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it's been raining this whole week
and it feels like i am never fully appreciating the weather.
anyways, ramadhan is upon us and no such thing as going badder these days.
also, i've been having fun in discovering Cymera app.
look at all these pretty filters hehe.

and of course, a little Beenzino and Dynamic Duo sampling.