Oh, This Is Too Beautiful, I Need To Post It Here To Remember

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Dear Hijabi,
You are amazing.
Every time you pass by and you smile, men will ponder on your mysteriousness and modesty. Most men I know will not actually believe you’re oppressed, despite what you may think. Actually, they’re attracted to you. However, your modesty and self respect is what makes them reluctant to say anything to you. They may even get butterflies in their stomachs, but won’t admit it. The truth is, you are a diamond among rocks… a diamond no man will ever truly own. Your heart is first for Allah [swt], then for your husband. Hence, your love for Allah will always be stronger than your love for any man no matter how handsome or charming he is. You are so unique, so beautiful, so modest, and so strong because you must constantly oppose ignorance by simply being present. If I ever saw you ill-treated, I would give my life to save you.

(Who ever this person is, I love you. God bless you and your beautiful soul.)

Why Sometimes I Wonder Why We're Related

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Hey, come on! Let's watch the Magician's Assistant.

Did you mean the Sorceror's Apprentice?

Er, yeah.


Brothers' sure are entertaining though.
I can't wait to torture them with a figurative urn of ridicule.

It's Creepy, The Number of People You Know On The Internet That You Wish You Could Be Friends With

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I was reading a website when the owner mentioned that the best manga she ever read is perhaps Skip Beat and I was like OHMYGOODNESS, ME TOO. WHAT A SMALL WORLD LIKE SO TRUE on the other side of the screen.
Geeking out like no one's business, per usual.

And she posted this and I was like Oh, Tsuraga.

Later she posted this:

"Speaking of Skip Beat, if S. Korea would make a live action for it, I’d definitely want Lee Min Ho to be Tsuruga Ren. He gives the vibes, and he looks like him in this picture."

Okay, now I'm going to sign a petition.

What Is This Anime? Who Did This? Tell Me. I Must Know. Who? Who Did This?

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Effing pretty. Like I can't even.

Feels Like I'm Gonna Dream Everytime

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Favourite part of that video man.
The whole video is gorgeous but this part really caught me:
so cinematic, so nostalgic, so heart-shattering

Dreams Are Super Motivational

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Especially when you have the opposite of motivational which could be defined in the dictionary as me with my face next to it.

I had a dream that someone in my form is going to be one of the Top 4 SPM Achiever and I woke up going: Btch, that's me. So now I'm super psyched to study so I can't be wasting anymore of my time here with you people.
Forever bye.

Ugh McFly, Why You Guys Sounds So Sexy?

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Oh, gosh. British boys.

Going Up In Smoke

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I love smokes.
Not smoking. Just smoke.

I love the untangible shapes it make.
The curves, the willows, the cascading rolls.
Elusive but yet, existing.

How it dissoves into nothingness a second later.

Smoke is a beautiful thing.
It appears like a ghost and fades in front of your eyes.
I want to touch it and feel the soft cotton it might be
but when I open my hand, nothing's there. 

It could escape right between my     f   i   n  g  e  r  s.

I want to twirl my fingers through it
and see if it would make twists and turns like paint in water.
I want to catch it and keep it in a jar.

I want it like something I can't keep.

Credit: photo by Glasperlenspielerin@deviantart.com

One Of The Reasons Why My Dad Is Infinitely Cooler Than Yours

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We were watching the Dog Whisperer preview.
My brother mistook Denise Richards for Raina from ANTM.
He was asking, "That's Raina, right?"
"No it's not," I said, "it's Denise Richards."
"Ooooohh," my brother goes
Then my Dad added, "It's Complicated bah."

My Reaction:

English Essay Question, Paper 2 (I'm Such A Nutjob, I Love Writing Essays)

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This is the, perhaps, the most awesome of all questions: Section B. Five choices, pick one.

1. Describe the most interesting person in your class. --- I was about to, but I don't have a lot of content.
2. National service - is it a good idea? --- I pretty much cross out this whole question because I do not agree at all.
3. My early childhood. --- I can't remember it.
4. Write a story ending with, "Now I realize the value of a true friend." --- BORING.
5. Love. --- WHAT THE - maybe. perhaps. idk.

I did Question 5.

I've based this on another story I once wrote for English that left me missing it. So I wrote it again.

Gulliver loves to travel.
If you see him coming , you could tell him apart by the clothes he wore.

He had his father's top hat, crooked and dusty. His feet wore his brother's shoes, the heels were so faded that he could feel every pebble on the ground. He had his uncle's coat to shield from the cold. It frayed at the edges and only one button remained stiched to the brown tweed. In his pocket was hist mother's handkerchief, orignally white but now was a canvas of stains. He meticulously took care of that handkerchief. His companion was his luggage: a saxaphone case belonging to his sister that contained his grandfather's brass saxaphone and an extra change of clothes.

That was all he owned in this world and he sings a song about summer.

Gulliver, through the ever-changing scenery, kept a pattern. He arrives in a town by morning, plays the saxophone for lunch and did short magic tricks for the children. If he ever came across a bookshop, he would enter and read a book despite it being in a foreign language. He would often be seen perusing the Children's Section, reading fairy tale novels. Aesop, Grimms' Brothers and Anderson were rarely different and the stories were familiar to Gulliver and he enjoys the pictures in the books. He found it amazing that artist of different nationality, never meeting each other, could all draw about the same story and the same scene.

One of the many things, many fascinating things about Gulliver is what he had seen. He saw remarkably dreadful things and he saw the wonderfully amazing things. A traveller experiences and witnesses many great things, even the great in small things, in his lifetime. These were the few things Gulliver saw:

The city wsa grey and clammy; everybody was walking at a pace of a marathon jog. Gulliver, with a pace of a leisuring millionare, was always bumped into without a sorry or excuse me which made him took extra case of his saxophone case. He came upon a large, white building and decided to rest against one of the huge slabs of pillars. It was a city bank and he observed fidgety accountants dwaddling up the stairs and corporate women strutting by with needle heels.

Then, he noticed a cop coming out of the entrance, his hat pointed law and forward, rather serious-looking, with clasped hands. He reached the open ari and opened his hands to let go a yellow butterfly. The cop, noticing Gulliver noticing him, tilted his hat at him. Gulliver tilted back good-naturedly.

In a lakeside town, he was walking on the side of the road. A young lad in a bicycle riddled with christmas lights flew past him, the leaves on the ground flew up under the wheels. He turned his head to look at the peculiar Gulliver and shouted, as he was cycling to the distance, "Everything's going to be all right!" Gulliver knew that to be true and he took his hat off to wave it to the boy.

It was spring when he was passing a brick apartment. He heard a clanging noise and looked up at the side of the apartment house. A man with a rose between his teeht was climbing up the fire escape chute, with a woman on the top floor of the apartment looked on, laughing from a window. The man had a balding head and the woman's hari was a fluff of cotton. Gulliver smiled and walked on.

He was strolling through a park when he noticed a young lady explaining how the park looked in winter to a woman in sunglasses and a cane. The woman was smiling from ear to ear when the teenager told her about a squirrel who was finding for nuts and started to squabble with its bluebird neighbour. The old woman called the girl a dear and the girl called the woman grandma.

Gulliver saw many things when he travel.

He often thought of his family.
His two sisters were already married and his nephews and nieces could talk about now. He thought about his mother and his long gone father. Perhaps he would come home one day. To see them again.
Gulliver turned to a corner and came upon a long, empty road lined with shivering trees.
And he traveled.

Coleridge once said: Happiness is like a hound-dog in the sun. You are not put in this world to be happy, but to experience great things.

P.S. I fail at at drawing saxophone case.

Never Released Test Colour Drawing, Oh How Scandalous

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As the title goes.
I didn't manage to put in the post about test colour drawing before because I'm such a meany doesn't think your Muggle eyes deserve it why should I? my insecurity forbids me of technical difficulties.

A guy with pink hair ♥
Natsu challenge anyone?

Screen Take From 25th June 2011

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I don't know why I did this.
I just did.

Thing's Just Got Real

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Okay, Going To Watch This Movie Too

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Does watching this make me have a crush for Eisenberg?
I think so.

Okay, Next On My Must-Watch Movie List

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Ugh, why is that boy so cute?
I don't know.

I Thought I Lost My Tag

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But I didn't.
Pretty much waste of heartache.
And I thought I was going to lose
my Team Skarsgard badge forever.

Don't Be Such A Sophomaniac

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from my LiveJournal

sophomania n. Greek (sophos, wise; mania, madness or excitement): overblown opinion of one's own intelligence, delusions of superintelligence.


The rampant sophomania from every party seems to make meaningful debate in any political forum impossible.


My first date would have been better if he had left his sophomania at home but instead he spent the entire time explaining things to me like I was a six-year-old.

Pretty Much Sexiest Music Video Ever Existed in the World

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just saying.

Cat Breed Wishlist

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God, please I want any one of these cats:
1. Maine Coon
2. American Curl
3. Scottish Fold
4. Munchkin
5. Ragdoll
6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Thank you.

I Am A Very Odd Person

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Notebook Makeover Time and Now I Feel Like Oprah Freaking Winfrey

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Bare. Naked. Stripped.
Challenge accepted.

There is a lot of ways to customize a notebook
but I try to use the simplest ways possible
but still having my personal mark on it.
On this one, I just use some pictures and hand-painted A4 paper.
(And can I just say that it was so hard for the glue to stick.
Like I was cursing the whole time.)

Very chic.
And Paramore's Lyric for Brick by Boring Brick right under it.
I wanted the notebook represent me.

"A window opens up and someone calls your name,
but I can tell you don't know how to play this game."
Lyrics of Come Back Home by Two Door Cinema Club.
My favourite line from that song.

And in the bottom, a Keep Calm memo:
And may the odds be ever in your favour.
Oh yes, from the Hunger Games.

The inside cover looked like the inside of cardboard boxes
and I was like 'Oh God, so ugly' so I decided to cover it.
I painted a foolscap paper
and cut out a cover of one of my old
foolscap paper because I love the balloons.

My introduction.
More on that on another post.

The guy was from the back of my old foolscap paper
so I want to make it a relic in this notebook.
The next section is a page from my diary
when I was still in primary school
Under the sleeping cat is the line from Turn It Off, Paramore:
"And in the free-fall."

Above that page is the words:
Tell me why
Lovers lie
Heroes die

Which is one my favourite lines from a song ever
from Call It Weird Or Call It Salsa by Scenes and Sirens.

I am crazy happy how my notebook turned out
and I can't just stop looking at it.
Happens to me all the time after I finished
a pain-staking project.
Excuse me while I admire my not-so-great handiwork.

Add Maths Project Done So Give A Celebratory Post I Shall

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You're too young, you're never gonna know why it hit me
When I felt on in silence
No-one thinks what I'm doing is the right way forward
You'll see it's not just a dream now

You think you know, you don't know

It's what you get when you try to educate a black sheep
You can't, you won't, you never will
I'm gonna show you what it takes to see the future
It's hard but not impossible

And I believe this costume party is over
Before it gets started
And I believe this costume party is over, over, over.

I Think I'm A VIP Now

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Yeah. So
I think I'm half in love with GD and TOP and I pretty much like all the other Big Bang members, so please excuse me.
Every time they're on TV I try to suppress my fangirl-ism in front of Dad.
Ah but. Ah.

Test Colour Drawings Using Faber-Castell Water Colour Pencil

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I've never used this in my life
and it turns out like this.
Cue tears of absolute joy.

Gotta have the girl with purple hair.
I should have drawn the face better though.

My favorite result from the color test.
Bitch got some style.
Love the hair. Completely.

How To Conduct Oneself In A Job Interview (Like You Would've Showed Up in Your Underwear)

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This is my Mid-Year Exam English Essay. For Malaysian students: it's Paper 2, Section A. The question had ask to write a speech about how to conduct in a job interview. For students, this is a good way to study how to write speeches. To job applicants, there are some tips for you guys as well.

Good morning I bid to the school counsellor and to all my fellow friends of the Careers Club. This past weekend, I attended a seminar from Harpo Studios on how to conduct oneself in a job interview which I should share as that it could benefit all of us. Therefore, I am honoured to stand here today to present you a speech.

The first thing you should do i na job interview is to show up. Therefore, show up early. You have to be punctual in a workplace and the habit of being on time is precious because in the business: time is money. When you arrive you should always arrive in style. You need to dress up properly because first impression could either make or break your future in your hopeful new workplace. Dressing conservatively for women and suiting up for men could show that you are serious to join the rat race.

Other than that, be confident, in speech and mannerism. You should have faith in oneself so that one day could represent a company that you have faith in. Another way to conduct yourself is be patient. There are hundereds of other applicants that came in for the interview, your interviewer is starting to ask about your family medical history (which you forgot) and those dress shoes are suffocating your feet. Patience. Reward only comes to those who are willing to wait.

Fellow comrades,

Another tip you should implement is bringing all relevant documents to a job interview to avoid that embarrased, flustered, "I left it at home" excuse. Put it in a file (I prefer acordion file) and not in an envelope. Organizing is key. Fill in any given forms correctly and legibly. You want to start working in a company. Make sure that your handwriting could be read by a pageboy.

When your interviewers are asking questions, answer them politely and clearly. When they are quizzing you about your depth of knowledge of the company, be clear and accurate about the company's profile. It is important for you to be honest with your answers and you should not exaggerate about anything because they could check the authencity of your answers.

My lovely listeners,

Your body language tells a lot about how you are coping with the interview. Physical behaviour is a dead giveaway that you are ready to bolt out the door. Do not fidget in your seat, never interrupt an interviewer's question on purpose and do not stare at random objects around your interview room. Please note that it is not good answer with a flat 'yes' or 'no' reply only. Engage with your interviewers. If you are applying in a bilingual company, the interviewers like to test your fluency in the language. You are encouraged to answer in the appropriate language.

By the end of the interview, thank the interviewers for their time. Stand up straight, triumphant, and give each of them a firm handshake. Make them remember your handshake. After that, walk out confidently, leaving the room a memory of your charismatic elegance.

And that is how, my friends, to conduct in an interview. I hope all of us could benefit from this speech for our future prospects. I advise that no matter what company we are applying to, we should always stick to our principles and crate our own mark in this world. Thank you.

Dad, Supporting Me For My Upcoming Big Exam Through Facebook

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My Choice of Husband Would Be Complete If He Does This

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a guy actually did that for me.
he bought me candy
and I just stared at him for a second,
contemplating if he was The One.

My Attempt To Sunny Up Your Day And This Is What I Get?

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My brother and his big 'dilemma.'
What a whiner.

(And he can't even tell I was joking. Ugh.)

This Man Is Living The Dream, Right Here

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My favourite picture from The Hangover album.
It gives me hope for the second movie
but I heard it tanked
but my loyalty to this man still presides
so I'm still going to see it.
Thailand's got lots more tigers, right?
(I would know, neighbouring country and all.)

One day,
I would have a picture with a tiger.

James McAvoy's Voice

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One more thing to love about X-Men: First Class.
Brilliant movie.

Water Colour, I Am Now Your Master

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I'm a big epic fail when it comes to colouring pretty much everything.
My drawings could only look good in black and white.
The options of expressing colours to it is a whole chunk of uncharted story for me.
Water colour calls me an enemy and I don't even know what I did to it
for it to be offended by my mere touch.

You can just draw in colour pencil
and brush it with water later
and it would look like water colour.
And I'm like

So thank you God for the creation of
Faber Castell water colour pencil.
My test colouring with it to be uploaded soon.

My Liz Lemon Sweater

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Tom's Girl.
RM 54.90
size M

(okay, maybe I'm not the most brilliant of fashion photographers.)

It's Okay, I Love You Too, My Little Punching Bag (Forgive The Title, I Saw Pink Today)

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Ugh, when you want to make your sister
have a rage face.
I miss her.

I Think MTV RickRoll'd Me

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I was watching Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang.
I was excited when I saw the lady who acts as Professor McGonagall was in it.
Then there was Gildreroy Lockhart.
Then there was Hagrid.
I was like, "Oh goody, there's a lot of the people who acted in Harry Potter in this."

And when they showed this kids' uncle who was 'high up in the War Office',
I instantly froze up.


And when he said: Thousands of men are fighting in my army.
I shouted to the television: YOUR DARK ARMY.

I was perhaps the giddiest in a room where I'm the oldest when I saw 
the actor playing Lord Voldemort was in it and he was playing a War Officer.
Oh, don't mind me. I'm such a Harry Potter geek.
After I changed the channels, I went to MTV and OK KARAOKE was on
and it was playing Pink's 'Don't Leave Me' and the video was amusing so I stayed.

Then, it played.

Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up
in karaoke mode.
I was laughing so hard and wondering where the hell is my sister
when this was happening.
And this all happened before 12 p.m.
Ah :')

When You Don't Feel Like Doing Your Holiday Homework

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I'm currently playing Fishdom, geeking with my cousin
and listening to this with my earphones blaring.
If you want to share my experience,
please, plug in the nearest earset
get the volume up 100 percent
and start mouthing lyrics you can't understand.

I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.
I feel awesome. I feel awesome. I feel awesome.

Congrats For The All A's. Now What?

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Girl, I knew you're smarter than that.
I guess the government blanko that B+ for us, huh?
(If this means you can get all A's than I can too? HEE.)

The Impossible Lyric-Bending of Call The Cops

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And you can quote when I say:

So what if your friends can't keep a secret? It's alright.
If it gets back to what's his name, I don't mind.
And if it's a problem, he knows where to find me
If he wants to say something.
And tell his friends I said the same.

True genius ♥
It's just too much bad-ass in just one verse.

I'll Stop The Whole World From Turning Into A Monster And Eating Us Alive

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I love love love this new song.
If this isn't a sign that they can still make great music,
I don't know what is.

Goodbye Girl

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I need your album. Where can I find your album in Malaysia.
Rumer is perhaps my next singing obsession.
(And gosh that guy in the video is kinda hot.)

UGH. Only this could not say how much I love her voice.

The first song I heard of hers.
I instantly went online to check her out.

Anderson You Enraging Twit

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too much hilarity in one post.
too much.
too much.

follow this blog.
magical unicorns could do no better.

It Turns Out The Hot Psychologist Was The Killer; Just My Luck, Just My Luck

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I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a fan of Conan that Japanese anime series. (Because as hard as I try, I can never guessed the killer and I tried to analyze pretty much every scene in one episode but the ONE thing I didn't see ends up to be the clue to the whole she-bang.)
And oh my nohs, the killer was the hot psychologist. WHY? JUST TELL ME: WHY?

In The Airplane

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Awesome talkative kid at the same row in the airplane today.
Plus the embarrassed mother.
Never mind Aunty, your company was cool.
(And seriously: did we have a new pilot today.
The landing was a little too much inertia for me.)