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someone who lives by the sea.

all night i look for you

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is the ache and 
the throb from
speaker boom
or ventricle rooms?

the half-moon cleared but 
the haze shined our faces,
staring at a band on stage
we don't buy tickets for.

'but it hurts you, doesn't it?'
your lips move in the dark
lit in neon and argon and photons
 voice strangled by echoes and chatter
that i can only catch a question mark.

'then why are you still standing here?
it hurts you.'

hoots and cheers as a riff
of an electric guitar strung by a man
four-folds older 
answered my silence.

we stood still
and you nodded your head 
to the rhythm.
he was off-beat.

'it's very much because i want you.'

he scratched his voicebox with words
i can't slice out much like
these words i write in my head but
never seemed to come out at all.

the half-moon was clear.
but the haze.

it's because i'm used to it.
because i'm used to it.

speaking parts were fictional.

People know how to make it come and go 
all that I know you never stay

this song, wow unf.

tamu gads

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i had cringes writing the title.
just an inside joke of the corny short term we gave to the tamu gadang that's held in our university. finally, a little more variety in the food for once. performances and snacks? we're down to it. and it seems like anyone who's anyone showed up there. especially on friday night for the streetdance competition. i've never seen a larger crowd.

a break in the library before we head back dorm.

RM8 burger.
Was it worth it?
The meat was almost 1.5 inches so...

the crowd at one side of the audience.
if you can see clearly, there is a bunch of Asasi students there.
holler at them, you remember where were you guys sitting.

blaring lights.

on two different days

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let me assure you: this was without any filter.
goodness gracious me, sometimes,
Sabah skies can take my breath away.

ordinary person

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the new PPST building small but the auditorium with three projectors is pretty cool
stopped by nature republic and even the worker said she was sick of jks
went home exhausted but running man was in 15 minutes!

not an island, but an iceberg

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steeple and brood

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you're a lot of ghosts
for a person of one soul.

those aren't mines.
they're ghosts of other people.

why are they with you?

because i hurt their owners
they cursed me.

and what happened to yours?

it's haunting someone else.

morbid piece.

hands are shaking cold/your hands are mine to hold

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speak to me.

decay and dandelions

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ah, i'll miss this.