Ever Wonder What I Do When...?

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There were times...
When I think I need a break.
And when is that?
All the time.

When I'm studying, I can't wait to get my hands on the tele's remote control.
When I'm with the television, I surf channels like mad because I can't get enough of it. And when there's nothing to watch, I would ask myself "Why am I wasting my time with this?"
When I'm listening to my music, I'd daydream or just indulge in the song. A moment later, I would look at the time and go: "What the hell?"

Later, when I'm pretty much bored hearing to the same song over and over again, I open my laptop (like right now) and stare at the wallpaper that said: It is now safe to turn off your computer and read a book.
Hmm. Well, I got nothing to do in my laptop anyways. I turned the on/off button.
Following my wallpaper's instruction, I snuggle in bed and read my lately ignored book, Wolf Hall (SO not Pillars of the Earth). Ten pages later, I would get a little dizzy from the reflection of the fluorescent light and put the book away.

Then, I cast a thoughtful glance at my three sketchbook. Probably feeling light-feet, I got my pencil box and began to draw.
I would sketch a number of times, mulling over what to draw until eraser shavings got in my way. The feeling for artistic flow stopped and I gave up hope for another nominee---which I do not have the slightest clue what about. Brushing all the eraser shavings out of the way, I put away my pencil box and my sketch book for another day and wished I Photoshopped. Damn. I closed my laptop already. And I'm not going to open it the second time for the day.
Now what?

A moment of silence and wondering what's in the fridge.
If only we still had that birthday cake…
If only we had some Vitagen…
If only I was let to eat ONE MORE MAGNUM ICE-CREAM.
My eye would catch my pillow and I automatically take it. Hugging it for a while, I null in to a haze into a dark fog of sleep, with my glasses still on. My sister would take it off for me and in the middle of the night I would realize my other pillow is under me and blindly use my foot to perch it on my face. I'm an acrobat, really. I would dream about non-essential dreams: school, friends, missing the bus (ugh. I STILL got worried even after the dream. It's worse on Saturdays.) and never dream of more important things like the future or something. Or flying. Yeah. I miss flying.
Where was I? Oh right.

And that concludes: What Ash Would Do When She Has Nothing To Do.
Story of my life.
Live it.
(Well, I do.) 

so you gotta change that pattern, you know?


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go hogwarts

Poh-toe Poh-toe

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Some people has those big cameras. 
Those yeah-i'm-a-pro-photog-for-realz kind of camera.

(Whatever that stands. Should ask some of my friends who would know.)

I sometimes forget that my phone has a camera too.
Until i tinkered with it and found it irresistible to get away from.
Yesterday, i have my weekly Saturday shopping spree
with my dad and siblings (always together since mum ain't cooking lunch on Saturdays).
In the car, bored, i took out my camera and found the UP toggle to my camera.
The lighting is awesome, since my camera works best on cloudy days.
Makes me love my phone more :)

so pretty right?

By the way, my sister's leg. we wore baju kurung on that day (for no occasion at all).
but the draping is so perfect. the color too.
best picture taken of the day.

Ash: No! Stay still! Move your hand.
Sister: WTF.

i like the rainbow-colour lids on that blue gallon :)

I took this when we dropped by a store because my Dad has a sudden aspire to get a wastebasket for his room. We dropped by Giant before but I complained that the plastic rubbish bins (the only they have there) would not be easy to clean and my second brother helpfully added that it collects dusts. So here we are.
I knew he would follow what i say.


a twist to an umbrella.

i just shot this one while the car was moving.
how did it end up so pretty?!



If you think that i had to go to the jungle for this picture, you're wrong!
This thing was taken on the side of the road while waiting for the red light. 
(Note the blue-black Kancil speeding by on the other side.)

And these were all taken by my camera phone :)
I'm so proud of it.

Ash: Pa, look!

Ash shows him the picture of the green shrubbery.

Ash: Guess where I took it!

Ash & Dad simultaneously points to their right window : THERE.

Another adventure awaits for me :D

Reading Is Fun

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 No Really. Don't Laugh!

came across this while finding for analysis for literature components:

The World's Most Popular eBook Community

super interesting :)
lots of untold stories to be read fanatically.
will help in my Nilam. (yes!)
i think. (no!)

to all those aspiring writers-soon-to-be-novelists.
this ones for you.

for one, i hit the button : Join In

Late Father's Day Tribute

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 (yes, i know it's really late)

Um, happy father's day? :)

Alright, there is no presence of balloons, cakes (or most importantly) gifts.
But who needs them?
[ This is seriously showing under-appreciation towards fathers.]
 No. I don't think I need them.
How did I show my love for my dad?

Scene 2, Act 1:
living room, morning, the TV is on and the pair of sisters are watching intensely at the screen with the father controlling the helm of the remote control. a commercial went on.

COMMERCIAL: dad...thank you for being there for me. -mostly hazy. just got up from bed- ...happy father's day from *** Bank.

another commercial went on. a second pass.

Ash turns to Dad.
Ash: Hey Pa.
Dad cocks an eyebrow, listening while changing channels.
Ash holds out her arms to him.
Ash: HUG!

Their distance : five feet.
Neither were budging.

Ash: HUG!

Ash persists.

Dad jokingly scowls, tilting his head a little back.
No sign of hugging.
Ash drops her arms. She beams at her Dad.
She turns back to TV.

I have no idea why but that meant a lot to me :)

Happy Father's Day, Dad.
Why won't you (still) hug me? :0

Never mind.

Dad: where's the remote?
Sister hands over remote control.
Sister: what? not me that got it! somehow all the guys put it on my stomach like i'm a table or something.
Dad takes the remote control and make his way to his blue-covered throne.
Dad: Why Ayong! YOU ARE A TABLE! *sarcasm overload*

laughter ensues.

i love my dad for being that awesome.

"i think every girl should know that 
the first man to fall in love with her is her father."

and i think i know that.

Breaking Free?

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 (no HSM soundtrack, I beg of you.)


I wonder how much people know I ever existed. Sounds like I need attention? I find so, too.
People that would know I existed would probably be under 50. Or 100 the least. 
I'm not much of social butterfly, I admit. 
I'm fine talking with people. It is always pleasant to.
But I prefer not to. 
Does that sound rude? It makes sense in my head.
But how did I get to suddenly question if my existence is meaningful is like this :

Well, firstly, I got a little annoyed how much 'I' is used in blogs. Is there really no one else to talk about?
"I went to watch a movie with my friends. I had super loads of fun. I got some new shoes too. Vivaldi's." 
Well,  I do not like to see such a solitude figure all alone in a paragraph. Look.


It looks sad isn't it? :(
So for this article, let me indulge in using a second-person view. Let's say 'I' is a 'she'. Thank you. She is ever so grateful.

One night, not that starry and not that rainy, she was idling with a phone and listened to a song.

"I crashed up joints in Tokyo. And I may not be loved but they always recall my name."
- Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous, Cobra Starship

Got her thinking: do people that she knew would forget that she, being so quiet and insignificant, exist?
(Yes, I think Ash is the only one person in KK who could get philosophical when hearing to techno-rock.)
In answering the question. She thinks people would.
Sounds mournful to her always bright mood (I mean, what is this? Pessimisticallyash?).
But sometimes you can't have too much of a high hope for the future.

And mulling about it several times, she does feel sad and dissapointed to think that some of her friends might forget about her in a few short years' time and the next class reunion would be weirdly awkward and make her unsettle in her seat, wondering if it is alright to head back home early.

But perhaps that is the test of friendship: 
It doesn't really matter who forgets you; it's the one who remembers you that does.

So she wonders who will.

Back to the selfish "I" once more, I guess I just have a social insecurity problem I need to face (like all teenagers do. Looks like I really am one of the club.) In conclusion, I suppose I would recite a line from the song not-so-aptly named, Kick Ass performed by the ever flamboyant (yet brilliantly-minded) Mika, "We're not cool, we are free."

I am sure as a gun that I am not cool.
But I like to think that I am free :)

Paramore: Careful

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and i thought they're not going to release a video for this song...
one of my favourite song in their album :)

Holy Moley Guacamole

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Holidays doesn't feel like holidays anymore.
Or is it just me? Cause I'm not really enjoying it.
I don't know exactly why.
Then what, Ash, how you imagine your holiday to be?
*ears perk up, pleasant*
I think this occasion needs a list? 
Hey, I run this show:
List it is.

1. Go out. So far, it's only for groceries :/
2. Eat. Super nice food. Like waffles. *gahr...*
3. Watch TV like mad. (Hmm...kind of already doing that... CHECK.)
4. Would like to finish all my dramas I want to watch (School Rumble and You're Beautiful is still put on hold and has no set date yet to be done. Also, if possible, I would like to re-watch Boys Over Flowers cause though it would be the third time watching it, I HAVE to get the story line.)
5. Need to buy boots. I know wearing it is HOT but I'm a woman. I NEED ONE.
6. Also want to download songs. I got a little confused when I read that STEREOS was a doo-wup group from the 1950's  >:O WTF ?!
7. Remind my sister the importance of a list. It is very easy and set on a short-term goal that is achievable. Pfft.
8. Want a cookie. Yes. A cookie.
9. Write a lot for that Raesh story.
10. Find inspiration for Elusive. See a lot of pictures.
11. Draw an egregious amount of sketches.
12. Photoshop those egregious amount of sketches.
13. Drink some strawberry milk. (With the cookie? Maybe.)
14. Change my laptop's wallpaper. I'm pretty sick and tired of "It's now safe to turn off your computer and read a book." I sound like a nerd :0  Well, I already am, but do we really need to add insult to injury? (Only a nerd could recognize that phrase.)
15. Rock out to Paramore. (I always say I would do that after an exam. Not accomplished yet.)
16. Finish those three Bio essays that Teacher Cecilia wanted us to do. (Completely forgotten until now.)
17. Find for a new band to be infatuated with ;)
18. Buy some blueberry Fruitella/Fruitube. And then eat it.
19. Get up till 40, 000 feet in Doodle Jump. (HELL YEAH!)
20. Find out what 'Von' in a family name means. Hmm.
21. Think what special thing to do for my birthday :D (But I think I know already. Heehee.)
22. Go to my SRM meetings and rock it! Um. Well, not rock it, literally, but do a good job ^^

And finally:

And that's how I want my holidays to be.

So now I gotta go and make 'em happen :)

"Whoa. Tell me how to move like that. At this pace you're at, you're going way too fast." 
- Me Vs. Everyone (Whoa Oh), Forever The Sickest Kids

So let's twirl :D

Orange Pulps

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I requested an orange juice.
I paid seven dollars for that.
They gave me the cordial one.
Ah: life.

I requested freshly squeezed orange juice.
I paid seven dollars for that.
They gave me an orange that is juiced dry.
Ah: life.

I requested a freshly squeezed orange juice drink.
I paid seven dollars for that.
They gave me one on a plate.
Ah: life.

I requested a freshly squeezed orange juice drink in a tall glass.
I paid seven dollars for that.
They gave me orange juice.
Thank God I didn't sue.

I'd rather a cup of tea, don't you? :)