don't bring this back together

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isla paradiso + brnwaffles lighting mod

but this place is gorgeous how could i resist?
the sunsets are so gorgggg

(and i've been tip-toeing around starting my bioprocess assignment
+ english advancement exercise + shopping for clothes)

oh, motivation, why for art thou forsake me?

don't let them get close to you

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so i spent spending valentine's day
in a room with old, working people
in a fabric shop
helping a friend pick out some fabric for
a computer case for her bf.

it's good to help those in lovestruck.

i don't know if the pressure of getting a boyfriend is increasing
or i am just inherently more aware that i'm kinda sorta lonely

idk man maybe i need to make new friends
or a cat
yeah maybe a cat.
i'm most likely getting a cat.

also this neon trees song is everything 
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕△◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

a guy like you, a girl like me

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again, another compilation of photos of my holiday.
i'm going back to my dorm tomorrow
and i still have yet to pack.
when i told my distaste of going back to uni,
my dad said i was antisocial
and i was like yes i am antisocial, people drain me.
ugh so not ready for meeting my 3 roommates
but i haven't met them yet so i hope they're nice?

but it's time to sleeve up and get down with my studies.
(by the way i miraculously passed my first sem yay me!)

song of the post: mamamoo, a new girl group that
had released two pre-debut tracks (omg they're is such a thing???)
peppermint chocolate is the latest one.
the girls, the voices, the mvs, the featurings are so far, 

i am obsessed. i need more nuff said.

thank you for this, thank you for making me stronger

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 "I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, 
what they want, what they believe, 
and not love them the way they love themselves."

- Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card 

ender's game was so brutally sad.
i loved it.

oh what a night

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some scenery taken from my sims 3
the st. claire world with the lighting mod from brntwaffles
is a sight to be hold

my eyes are actually mesmerized by virtual weather 
no shit

i might post some of my sims
 but we'll just see

also here's a song that is not my usual share 
of hip-hop, indie or alternative rock.
but i'm obsessed though.
blame sherlock.

i'm boring trust me

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some compilation photos of my holiday
which comprise a lot of eating, staring at things
and that's pretty much it.

existential crisis all day erry day

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some screenshots of my phone from the past 5 months
nuff said it's just discovering songs, stressing on exams
and kim woobin systematically ruining my life.

2014 is getting more entertaining by the day

this song is an a+ makeout song
10//10 would recommend