Have I Ever Told You I Love The Hunger Games?

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(I think I did.)

This phrase just pops in my head when before I was going to sleep
and it forever defines Katniss Everdeen to me.
Earlier on, my Sister and I were debating about 
the love triangle between Gale, Katniss & Peeta
and I was thinking about the whole 
"Katniss should've end up with Gale" dilemma I stumbled upon various forums.
Personally, I root for the whole Katniss---Peeta dynamic because
I actually assumed that Katniss would be with Gale 
(because he was the good-looking one and Peeta was...wimpy.)

What a delight that Suzanne Collins finally revealed that Katniss settled with Peeta
----because of his calming effects (of all reason but I understand.)
And, let's face it, if she was with Gale, it'd be like Katniss On Steroids...or Crack.

Women's Ultimate Weapon, Really

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You know when I blatantly ended my last post with 'gotta go eat?'
Well, behind those three simple words in your screen is a room full of chaos.

Brother #1 said to me to get up and get change, we were eating out.
"Why???" I asked, annoyed because I was waiting for the pictures for my last blog post
to be uploaded (darn it, why is it in such high resolution?) and I wasn't fond eating out at night.
"Mum would be home reaaaally late."
I was giving him a very uncooperative face.
My brother reasoned that either I eat out or I stay home and wait for Mum to be home.
"Why do you have to tell me now?" I asked, seeing him fully-dressed.
"Because I was just told a while ago."
"Then why are you already dressed?"
"Because I bathed two times so I just put some clothes on."


I snapped at him to get out.
I swear not two minutes after that, from downstairs
they were already saying, "We're leaving! Hurry up!"


While I was ironing my clothes, I was still checking behind me 
if the pictures were uploaded or if my computer was hibernating.
Almost finishing ironing, the idea of putting the laptop in front me finally went in my head.
Where were you a minute ago?
"Shiqin! We're going!"went them downstairs.


I published the post, finally.
Then I wanted to go to the toilet to freshen up.
I just splashed water on my face when downstairs, "We're going already!"
"Can you just freaking wait?" I shouted from my room, abandoning my mission.
I wore my tudung and that was the time when the fabric started acting up.
I heard the rumble of the car. I cursed.


Going downstairs, there were a lot of 
"What the hell!"
and tantrum-ic roars.

I went in the car with my tudung still need to be pinned.
"On the lights." I hissed.
After a few fumbling on how to switch on the lights in the back...
"I don't have a mirror."
"Go to the front," my Dad instructed, nodding to the headboards that had a lamp and mirror.
My #1 Brother got out and I thought I can just walk from inside the car.
"JUST GO OUTSIDE." My Dad said sternly.
I jumped out and climbed back in the shotgun.
"Why didn't you just go outside," my Dad still rambles.
"Yeah bah." The Brothers went from behind.


Oh thank goodness for that.

It Took So Long So You Better Read It

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Unknown January.

Gotta go eat.

Cat Fetish Is Very Universal

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Woah, you're going to love me.

scanned like a maniac today.
I'm going to upload my 2010 planner.
And more drawings.

I don't know how much Internet bill is coming out next month
but I know I can't pay with the money I have in my pocket right now.

Money : virtually non-existent.

I was a little flustered either to tore out the papers in the planner
but I think the end result was worth it :)

And goodness me, is it high resolution.

And another thing.

I was browsing through my Pictures Folder when
my sister commented I had too many pictures of cat.
"That's ridiculous, I do not." I said, sputtering.
And scanning down...
"Oh my gosh, you're right."
"See?" My sister said, triumphant, "I think you're like Sebby."

Sebby as in Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler
with known fetish for cats.

"Yeah, I think you need a WHOLE FOLDER just for cats."
"PFFT. I do not."
"You really do."
"It's amazing to think that I have something in common with Sebby."
Then I saw another cat picture.

I mean, a lot of people like cats.


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my LiveJournal when I found this

 (Can I say how grateful I am for the Glee group I joined?)

I love this man so much.
So much so.

I liked him since Season 1, 
post taking-my-shirt-off at Season 2, Episode 1.
He looks so smart in that photoshoot.
And it's not because he's Asian.

Harry Shum Jr has my vote for Best Dancer of All Freaking Time.
Please continue to astound me.

Fake Meteor

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If you see very closely there is a white line there.
Oh my gosh it's an aeroplane trail!
It looked like a meteor shooting out from the sun!

Very over-excited moment when I shot this.
I was screaming in the car.

Shot at : Taman Rimba Ujana Tropika

How I Wish To Strum On It

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There must be a flaw on your incandescent___________line that I wish to strum my fingers on.

Anyways, I'm not thankful for your existence in this world
but you do make me have something to think on twentyfourseven.

Nice try.

From this side of the world.

Marry Brown?

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 Today's good.

 My Aunty Bus gave me two sets of vouchers for Marry Brown.

[photo not mines. don't worry, I'll use the voucher as fast as I humanly can.]

And that pretty much sums it up.

Hey, Jack's Kinda

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I love Sabah.
I've been living here all of my life
and it still startles me to see the scenery.

FURNITURE Epic Final Part

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Since I just want to finish the FURNITURE Epic already...

The Final Chapter.

Someone recommended this furniture shop.
And we (Dad, Sis and I) actually waited for it to be opened.
(Us? Waiting for a store?! NEVER!)

So we actually did.

And here's what I found :

The picture was on display and I could not help but take a photo of it.
I'd give credit to whosoever made this, my goodness the colour is pretty!

this couch has quite smartly selected couches

I want this so bad.
$300 a pop.
They remind me of Skittles :)

Me like that lamp.
It reminds me of floating paper lamps in festivals.

the red blossoms really POP :D

I use to be SO obsessed with Victorian wallpapers.
(still kind of do?)

woooo I wanna eat them apples

the colour of the flower just begged me to take a picture
I have several failed attempts in doing so
because I was squeezing between furnitures
and a couch was blocking me but I cannot be nearer nor farther from it
so this is the result of me leaning behind a couch,
hoping the workers don't see my epically planned photoshoot.
but I still like the flower.

yes, it's me in the mirror.
anyways, isn't the lighting amazing?
I appreciate the glow.
so lovely.

and that's the last of it.
oh yeah, and we didn't buy any furniture.


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So we went to another furniture shop.
And this one I can tell, are for those high-end, young, rich people.


I love the        s    p   a    c    e

it looks short from here but the paneled walls are really high

very high.

Then, we went to another one.
This had more of the grandma furnitures and heavily floral curtains.
But I found one spot that took my interest

I like this wall.
When I told my sister that, she didn't get it.
"It's very...Paramore-ish," I said.
She instantly took the liking.

I like this couch because I can imagine it looking great at the foot of a bed.
The only fault it had was the terracotta colour.

Later, we went to the shop we were waiting to be opened for
and that's why we've been visiting other nearby furniture stores.

But that is.

To be continued...

Don't See Me

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Currently observing Tumblrs
and trying hard not to laugh
in front of my Dad.


(oh my noes, he just asked me what I'm doing)

answer :


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Seriously, it's too awesome that I needed caps lock.

During the holidays, I went to millions of furniture shops.
When most of them had the "No Cameras" sign,
I just ignore it and snap away around the shop
because some of the designs there are too pretty.

(I am still finding for the same couch from
Adam Lambert's 'Whataya Want From Me' video.
I have so far found a coffee-coloured one
but I made a promise to myself to buy an exact replica.)

one of the first pictures I took.
that phone be blingin'

ignore the stupid sign there
but oh my goodness look at that chandelier!

my Daddy in the green shirt way over there

these boxes are too cute

I love these drawers!
hehh---price joke.

this one's pretty English Rose.
I can imagine this as my daughter's.

not really into this chair
but the light was amazing :D

I hate the pillows, seriously.

my sister and I went over to this thing
and was faking 'brunch.'
My Dad wanted to buy it
but these English Rose junks are kind of expensive here!



Conclusion of Part One.