sunny side

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i can see why hipster-aesthetic blogs are so obsessed with these plants.
they're so cute!
(and sooo easy to take care.)

help a fella

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i don't have motivation to study.
pls send help.

surprising grey areas

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i haven't finished any university work.
i. am. so. screwed.

surprise me, survive please

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i feel like life can give me a million chances.
and i won't take every single one of them.

i don't know. i guess i'm procrastinating again.
i should really throw away this bad habit.

one of these days, maybe.


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i love this eraser!!

tint and teeth

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i should have drawn more during the holidays

let's turn forever, you and me

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i don't even know how to explain my complete utter neglect
to this blog other than that i have prior commitments
and relinquishing my holiday numbness.



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if only i wasn't so tired all the time


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some electro.


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winding down till midsem soon

a million miles away

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well i'm procrastinating
from writing my lab report

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maybe i think too much

don't bring this back together

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isla paradiso + brnwaffles lighting mod

but this place is gorgeous how could i resist?
the sunsets are so gorgggg

(and i've been tip-toeing around starting my bioprocess assignment
+ english advancement exercise + shopping for clothes)

oh, motivation, why for art thou forsake me?