Do You Hear The Crackling Fire?

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it burns and it consumes
it mesmerizes and it frightens

it is the reason to stop and the reason to run
it would outwit kings and bandits
when it is fickle, when it is powerful

it can bring life
it can bring death

do not be scared.

it is more scared of you
and your liquefying soul.

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."

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-  Neil Gaiman

* * *

Happy New Years, followers!
My 500th post and a great end to another year.
Much love from my family to yours.

Good day and good night.

Meeting New People

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I'm immensely grateful that I attract really nice people into my life.
And it has got nothing to do with physical outlook, theirs nor mines. I've always been scared, terrified, that I would meet those people you'd see in movies or read in books after I leave the safe cocoon of my high school life. The ones with full intent to be friends with you is to screw you over. The ones that you'd thought were nice but by passing conversations you start to realize it was a huge mistake and want to get out, fast. And in my preference in friends, the ones who are so shallow and mean, you'd regret that they even know your name.

I have the fortune to never be fully involved with those type of people. I met them, sure, but I never have to deal with their dramas and conflicts. And recently, I met another nice person, one who I thought could be one of those people, but ends up being someone who hates those kind of people as well.
I'm really thankful that I manage to steer clear from them with the few very, very good friends I have. My great friends are perhaps the best of the best of them.

I still don't know why I have the luck to know such nice people.
But I'm still so young.
There's so much time left for me to get unlucky.

I'm Not A Poet

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though I like to be.
it always seems to me that they have the admirable ability of uncanny observation in the most minuscule details. they have these rocky, passionate, hollow and legendary love affairs. and they have a way to string words with amazing vocabulary prowess and panache.

I, on the other hand, repeat words like just, anyways, seem, maybe, probably and so.

I am horribly unrefined.

Such A Nice, Normal Week

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This is Pretty Cool

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so glad I found it.

Bless are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.

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- ugh, I can't remember

Just Posting This Here Because It's Just So Pretty

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credit to whosoever did this
so talented

And Speaking of Sad,

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I love this video.
It got people talking in Youtube.

And they sang so lovely in this.
Just lovely.

Lana Del Ray Just Makes Me Sad

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her voice and her songs are just so sad.
I get down listening to them, like I've never known happiness or some feeling like that.

She can make people very empty, you know?
or it's just me.

Mum Asked Me To Get Off From The Stairs While I'm Busy Online-ing

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me: Ma, why can't you let me be a recluse teenager 
and let me sit where ever I want to sit!

mum: But you're blocking the way.


You Know, I Never Told You This

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but you really deserve every good thing that happened to you.

I told you to never give up.
Look at where it brought you now.

Stay strong.
One more semester to go!

Late Night Radio

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It's 3.10 am.

I love how quiet it is.

I Hate People Who Sleeps in MY Bed

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who sits on it,
who touches it,
who looks at it.

it is all quite justifiable.
I just like that the place that I sleep in is very, very, very clean.

Somehow, Feelings Come Across Best in a Powerpoint Presentation

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efficient, straight to the point and clean.

We are now being replaced by machines.

. . .

You Know, Watching 3 IDIOTS for the Nth Time

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made me realize:
a) I must marry Aamir Khan. I get that feeling every time I watch this movie.
and b) the education system needs a complete redone
and lastly c) 

(they disabled the embed function, boooooo.)

Dat Face

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ah, made my day.

Hark, A Vagrant

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is kind of like my favourite website. She also has a book out which I will try to own one day.
I love her website so much I want to take it to the back of the middle school and get it pregnant.

I'll Feel Really Bad If You Don't Know Malay

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I Just Wanna Go Up To Every Cast Member of 2 Days and 1 Night and Give Them Each A Hug

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these people are the people I love the most on TV right now
no one 
absolutely no one in this industry
can compare my love to these group of people

and they give my family and I insane amount of laughter
over the two short years we begun watching this

they kind of help made my life a little brighter
and perhaps, a little longer.
My Dad isn't so sad and quiet nowadays.
He laughs everyday because of these people.
 I can't thank you enough to the people who made this show.

and even with the departure of Kim C and Hodong most recently,
we still watch this show every because even though we miss the old members,
this show still has its spark and its life.

These remarkable and talented group of people who join together every week
to produce this show are perhaps the most hard-working people in the business.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate their sacrifices and sweat to make this show happen
every single week.

So thank you very much.
It'd be a very sad day for me when this show would end next year.
Truly, there is no other show like this.


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"My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage."

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-  Alice Hoffman

Can't Tell You How Amazing This Movie Is

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and I have yet to finish the ending.
but everything else,
so beautiful

(huh, look, I actually can tell you how amazing it is.)

So You Know That I've Been Going On and On About How Much I Want to Watch THE LION KING, Right?

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Well, I guess writing ranting posts on the Internet paid off because on Monday, 10 am, The Lion King would be airing in Disney Channel and it's on my recording queue. Ain't no way, no how am I going to miss it. And it better be fully uncensored. Mark my words, they better be original.

So SPM Is Over For Me

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and I asked my Dad, after all these years, "Are you proud of me?"
I thought it would be those kind of rare daughter-dad moment things where he'd shed a tear or something sentimental like that.

"Wait until your results are out," he said, motioning with his hand holding an invisible paper in which my results (and all my years of trials to make my parents proud) would be in it.
Talk about an Asian Dad.


In other news, well, actually the same news, Dad asked me after I finish my Bio exam:
"So, 9 A's are at hand already? One more A to go?"
I think to describe my face accurately at that moment was the mixture of a hungry beaver of disgust and anxiety with a little mix of a nervous assistant ("uh huh, sure").
I didn't get the memo that I actually had to work hard for this final exam. (Which is, in reality, the biggest exam to end all of exam in my high school life.)

Ah, screw it.
*tips F&N Orange, drinks*

T-Minus One Day Till I'll Allow Myself to Have These Accounts

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I'll post up the links, for sure.
and maybe a tumblr. wait. no. don't.

It's Official: Literature in English is Perhaps the Subject that I Study the Most Bar None

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For the other people taking LIE SPM 2011 tomorrow, I bid you good luck!
Don't be blaming your no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather
if you didn't study!
(Okay, only students who read Holes can get this.)

If anybody feels a little nervous about the marking scheme, here's a few pointers:

a) Consists of 5 marks. It's ideal to give three points but if you give one sentence worth, still counts!
b) Consists of 8 marks. Remember an intro and conclusion with 3 points. If the questions implies comparison, give it to them! (i.e. Bella Jones vs Meg Hunter)
c) Consists of 12 marks. Intro, conclusion and 3 points min. However, elaborate.
These questions like to know that you'd fully understand the text.

These pointers apply to every question.


  Dramas and Poems specifically need quotations, so it's smart to start on them first.
The examiners won't mind if your answers are not in chronological order,
just make sure that you write down the question number.

A+ for LIE SPM!
Happy answering!

In This Big Bad World

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You shouldn't leave me to fight for my own.

So Today I Asked My Dad What Does He Want to Do After He Retires,

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and he answered:

"Just watch Korean movies and TV."

My Dad. 
Gotta love his ambition.

Cue That Britney Song That Goes: I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman; And You Know, It's Her Birthday Today

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Seeing old pictures, it kind of shocks me.
These pictures were only three, five years old but looking at the people around me, I can't see how we've changed so much. Just a few short months ago, Chan showed a picture of her back when she was in Form 1, before we were even friends. I laughed so hard out of sheer disbelief. I knew that girl, that girl in the picture, but it's not the same girl that's showing it to me. It's really funny, and truthfully, really sad at the same time. It's like we've really turned into women. The people I know now are such breezy, charming girls; a stark contrast from that awkward shell (called tween years) we use to be in. We've all became so beautiful now. I can see each one of my friends as how they look like right in this very moment and it really confounds me that we didn't look the same back when we were thirteen. It sure feels the same to me.

Puberty is so effed up.
I can't even.