stinging bees and honey trees

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Lord, I've begun missing the times where I could sit down and draw for six hours straight. Now, I don't have the guts to sacrifice that much time instead of studying. I really want just one, one, free day where I can really expand this story I like and built up the characters, the world and draw them.

Alas, most of my midterm papers are next week and the second-half of the semester is beginning so I need to get my head in the game and work on it so I could get a 4.0 GPA. I'm beginning to worry that I may not live up to my parents' expectations with my results. Fear is such a scumbag.

Good God, I need a breather and time to meditate. Hopefully, this Ramadhan month just might be the salve to my ever-growing worry wound.

Time for some kinematics.

birds hate the stratosphere too, they want to shoot to the galaxy, as far as their small wings would take them.

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6 hours spent in 1B to find RM20 earrings.
It's for a friend.
And to release stress.
Though I wished we caught the new Spiderman movie.

I have a feeling I won't be doing that for a long time.

Goodness, this is amazing.

trials and tribulations of a science student

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sunset view on the road to back to UMS.
(it's like the sunset of freedom, not gonna lie.)

chemistry tutorial. the girl in front of me has some rad tudung taste.

my iron throne, my stool of thinking, my workplace, my desk of destiny, etc.

in the library with a good, albeit tired, friend.

fantastic views, I swear, if you study in UMS.

for my friends, follow me in instagram: ashmusa ?

the frame of your bones, ease my sorrow

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some experiment on the app Picframe.
It's not bad.

much needed things for dorm-life.

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