Stardom Here I Come

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 I was like "WHAAAT?"

I was ogling at my friend's laptop screen.
She has mad skills in Photoshop yo.
And she was designing the school yearbook cover.
An honor. An honor.
Is it too early to say this but:
This is by far the best yearbook cover EVAH.

(Did I tell you how maniacally skillful she was in Photoshop?)

Not just because there's me in it.
Well, I am not intending to be narcissistic
but the size of the photo of me was so small
that it could be pull off that I was not even in it.
The design has some memorable pictures from this year

There was Bren and Steph and I was squinting to make sure
to see this tudung-clad girl between them in a yellow Comet outfit
and I was like, "Is"

No way, ho-zay.
I'm in the yearbook cover!

What next, Vogue?

My Eyes Are Staring At The Screen Like A Madman

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This is SO BAD.
I shouldn't.
But I did.

Drank two more cups of teh tarik for two days in a row.

Not good.
Not good.

I can feel my pupils dilating
and I'm jumping on my seat 
because of under-activity.

I'm shivering like I just dunked my head in a gallon of water below zero temperature.

Yet, I feel invincible.

You'd Always Make Me Feel Like A Teen Forever, Metro Station

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The longevity of Shake It by Metro Station.

The very first time I heard this song, I instantly like it.
The message is clear and simple: Shake it.

So shake it, I will.

It had its prime two years ago (if I recall correctly) where
it played on airwaves constantly and 
blasted on shops' radios everywhere I go.
Then, I tried to run away when it comes up.

Sometimes, the tune drifted into my mind
and I have to stop myself from whatever I was doing
and figure out what is this sudden tune's name.

Now, when in the rare moments I catch it on the radio,
the song hits me back and I had never grow weary of it
after the buzz about it died down.

Probably, after 20 years from now,
I'd still feel the same way hearing this song.
It just really takes me back.
And I'm still sixteen.


There Were Frogs, Fairies and A Rich Mole

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After one week of school holidays,
what's my prediction for the five weeks
still ahead?

Anything but productive.

I tried my hardest to make my day as fulfilling as I could manage.
I couldn't manage that much.
I write, draw and listen as much as I can
and yet, I feel like my life is leaking away.

I need to go out more.
Should it be that?
An adventure?
A Great If?
Well, not like I can get a car ride to go anywhere,
much less to a Great If.

Last night, my sister and I
were high on teh tarik.
We couldn't sleep a wink.
It sort of when you're undergoing surgery
and your anesthesia didn't work.
You want to fall asleep so badly
but your mind doesn't let you.

We ended up having a blast from the past
about a little movie we saw when we were children called

We were remembering the characters, the plot, the songs they sang.
The whole she-bang.
We haven't thought about that movie in ages.

Teh Tarik does things to you.

A Spike, It's A Doozy

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I'm not even going to end that.

I just logged in and checked out my blog
when I flicked my eyes to the right to my widgets.
And I went, "That CAN'T be right."
40 views overnight?
I don't think so.

But alas, checking my stats,
there was a serious jump on my views.
It's looked like the stock market upside down.
And all to my Some Playlist Fun post.

You people really like that game, huh?

Thank you.
Just. Thank you. For clicking.

Although, I may not post up a new playlist game a long time.

Maybe my blog would be a little more down-low after this.
(Ahaha, pathetic.)

Some Playlist Fun

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This Cheap Post is really long.
Drink a cup of tea while reading.
Seriously, it's long.
I have three playlist shuffle game.
So better have something to munch on.
The answers are funny enough though.

Put your music library on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! 
Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough.
Ok, go!

1. If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say
Motion Sickness, Call The Cops --- I get it. I get it.

2. How would you describe yourself?
Bushes, Hot Chelle Rae --- I don't have an afro. You mean, I should?

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Get Close, Call The Cops --- hohohoho

4. How do you feel today?
Misguided Ghosts, Paramore --- story of my life.

5. What is your life’s purpose?
Think About It, Danger Radio --- cause I'm not going to tell you.

6. What's your motto?
The Big Bang, Rock Mafia --- I'm the bang. What can I say?

7. What do your friends think of you?
Like A Star, Corrine Bailey Rae --- :)

8. What do you think of your parents?
We Are Golden, Mika --- you truly are <3

9. What do you think about very often
Tsuiko Merry Go Round, onelifecrew --- merry-go-rounds? Okay, I like them :D

10. What is 2 + 2?
Strawberry Avalanche, Owl City --- makes sense.

11. What do you think of your best friend(s)?
So Shaken Up, Danger Radio --- those crazy people I love ;)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Misery, Maroon 5 --- oh my gosh! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

13. What is your life story?
Strut, Adam Lambert --- I got swagger like that.

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
First of the Gang to Die, Zee Avi --- apa? tetapi... :'(

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Hello, G-Dragon --- why...hello S;) 

 16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
She's A Lady (Forever the Sickest Kids) --- yes. Yes I am

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Emergency (Paramore) --- too late for that D:

18. What is your biggest fear?
Live Like We're Dying (Kris Allen) --- I don't wanna look like a zombie, okay?

19. What is your biggest secret?
The Bird and the Worm (Owl City) --- WHAT?

20. What will you post this as?
Use Somebody (original: Kings Of Leon, cover: Paramore) --- blah.

Tunes shuffle game

1. How Are You Feeling Today? 

One More Chance, Danger Radio --- bored.

2. Will I get Far In Life? 

Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 --- till then only??? D':

3. What Is my Best Friend’s Theme Song? 

The Beach, All Time Low --- hey! She loves this song! Spot on!

4. What is/Was Middle School Like? 


5. What is The Best Thing About Me? 

Sway, Michael Buble --- ;D

6. How Was Yesterday? 

Brighter, Paramore --- it was sunny.

7. What is my Love Life Like? 

Decode, Paramore --- pfft. Twilight-ish? Then where's my vampire?

8. What will my Parents Say To me? 

Boy In a Rock'n'Roll Band, The Pierces --- apa? how did you found out? D:

9. What Song Will They Play On My Funeral? 


10. How Does The World See Me? 

You & Me, Danger Radio --- always and forever?

11. What do My Friends Really Think Of Me? 

Whoever She Is, The Maine --- like that lah you! D':

12. What is the secret is the world keeping from me?

Lonely In Gorgeous --- I'm not gorgeous? Is that what you're telling me?

13.  How Do I make Myself Happy? 

Home, Michael Buble --- true :')

14. What Should I Do With My Life? 

Meet Me In The Equinox, Death Cab For Cutie --- What for? 

15. Will I Have Children? 


16. What is Good Advice? 

Be On You, Ne-Yo --- hah? That ain't good advice.

17. What does everyone Else Think Of My Current Life? 

I'll Make the Moves, Scenes and Sirens --- kinda...kinda bad-ass there, yeah.

18. What Type Of Men/Women Do I like? 

Walk On Water Or Drown, Mayday Parade --- so like...sadists?

19. Where Will I Live? 


20. What Will My Dying Words Be?

Heartache Tonight, Michael Buble --- dude, like, I'm going TO DIE.

All you gotta do is put your itunes on shuffle 
and answer each question with the first line of the song.
Got it?
Okay, let’s begin

1. Your first words were? I need this like air in my lung --- Last One Standing, Hot Chelle Rae 
(Very cool first words, I got to say.)

2. When you fell down from your bike, what did you say?  And we both go down together, we'd stay there forever --- I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About, Mayday Parade

3. What do your friends think of you? High-rise, veins of the avenue, bright eyes and subtle variations of blue, everywhere is balanced there Like a rainbow above you --- Rainbow Veins, Owl City 
(that's so pretty!)

4. What do you think about your friends?  I'm in trouble --- Trouble, Nevershoutnever 
(need I say more?)

5. What was the first thing you said to your crush?  I THINK WE'RE HAVING AN EMERGENCY I THINK WE'RE HAVING AN EMERGENCY --- Emergency, Paramore 

6. What was the first thing your crush said to you?  I-I am w-who-who I am --- I Am Who I Am, The Cab 
(Who the hell is this crush? A robot?)

7. How did you respond? I'm through with standing in line in clubs I'll never get in --- Rockstar, Nickelback (A ROBOT BOUNCER?)

8. What did you say when your best friend and you were having a fight? Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor --- Need You Now, Lady Antebellum 
(How sad…)

9. What is the line that describes what you’re feeling? I'm tired and I'm reckless and I CAN'T GO HOME --- Room 410, Call the Cops 
(Can I just say again how creepy this game of coincidence is?)

10. What is your message to the world?  Out of friends at an end for sure when you've got no side to side with. You deal with that --- Say What You Wanna Say, Hit The Lights 

11. What was the first thing you said in your wedding vows?  It's true that I'm a silver shadow and you are always on my mind --- Can You Keep A Secret?, The Cab 
(very sexy wedding vows eh eh eh?)

12. What did your husband/wife say on their wedding vows?  I'm in love with a girl I hate --- She's A Lady, Forever the Sickest Kids 
(Aww…that is so SWEET. Like seriously. I'm not even being sarcastic! 
No, really. Not sarcastic. I'd melt hearing that.)

13. What are the first lyrics you will dance to on your wedding?  Why do people smile when no one's smiling, it's cause they're thinking of someone they're loving --- The Sweetest Love, Robin Thicke 
(Coincidence? I think NOT!)

14. When you’re scared, what do you usually say?  I've been alone with you inside my mind --- Hello, Lionel Richie-Glee Cast Version 

15. When you cry, what do you usually say? The sun is SO HOT, the drinks are SO COLD --- Double Vision, 3OH!3 
(Everything's wrong with me!)

16. When you’re angry, what do you usually say?  I came, you went, was there something I should have said? --- I'm A Wonder, The Cab 
(why am I being the apologetic one?)

17. You cry over what words? Paris, France to Michigan, London town and through Berlin, can't believe this place I'm in. Everywhere and back again --- Somebody To Love, Leighton Meester 
(Pretty, um, vogue.)

18. What did you say when you told your/or your partner friends that you were pregnant?  So this is how it goes, well I, I would have never known --- Brighter, Paramore 
(haha. I didn't plan on getting pregnant? Funny...)

19. What did they say?  I am thinking about you and how we use to be and it didn't have to end, we could start again --- Do You Remember, Jay Sean 

20. What’s your biggest secret?  So hot, out the box --- For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert 

21. When you breakup with someone what do you say?  You know I know how to make em stop and stare as I zone out --- Club Can't Handle Me, Flo Rida
 (I'm in demand, yo.)

22. Your first thought when you wake up?  For the years that I known you baby, I can figure out why lately you've been acting so cold --- I'm Sorry I Don't Love You No More, Craig David 
(Am I talking to my pillow or something?)

23. What are the last words you will say?  
I saw a spider I didn't scream 
--- One of the Boys, Katy Perry 
(Yeah, I died instead.)

What I'd Do For Ice-Cream

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This was a dream I had yesterday night.
One of the most ridiculous dreams I've ever remembered in my life.
Following this would be pure fiction created by my unconscious mind. 

I was in City Mall with my sister.
We were just roaming around, with no real intentions.
(In  my dreams when I'm in a mall, there would always be a carpet shop
or a Malay clothes shop. I don't know why. This dream was no exception.)

The next thing I remember was that we were near an ice-cream booth.
It only sold two things : chocolate & peppermint ice-cream.

If you buy only the chocolate or only the peppermint it would cost you about RM6
but weirdly in this dream, if you want both at the same amount it will
cost you back RM9.
See? Getting ridiculous already.
But it doesn't stop there.
Guess who was selling it?

Out of all the male characters that crosses my mind everyday,
my mind chose a blue alien with a big forehead that has a fish as his sidekick.

Surprisingly, Dream Me isn't so different than Reality Me.
Both of us thought paying an additional RM3 for the ice-cream was beyond madness.
I was slightly proud of myself that I retained my stingy persona even in Dreamland.

So I gave up at the prospect of indulging myself on ice-cream
but before I left I said to Dream Megamind,
"What's left, save for me, okay?"
And I winked.
I winked at Megamind.

What the hell was wrong with me?
I know it didn't really happen 
but that must be one of the most embarrassing things 
I have ever done in my life.

I can't believe I'm such a sell out for ice-cream.
I'm so cheap. Cheap. Cheap. CHEAP.
Would I do anything for ice-cream?
I even winked to character voiced by Will Ferrell?
I'm very disappointed with Dream Me.

And here is another dream
where it ends with me having no ice-cream.
At least this other post had a better hero.

Our Final Dream

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We dream of hope, we dream of change, of fire, of love, of death. And then it happens; the dream becomes real, and the answer to this quest, this need to solve life's mysteries finally shows itself like the glowing light of the new dawn. So much struggle for meaning, for purpose. And in the end, we find it only in each other. Our shared experience of the fantastic and the mundane. The simple human need to find a kindred. To connect. And to know in our hearts...that we are not alone.

---Heroes, Season 1

Electrocuted by A Band

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this image came into my head from the song
One In A Million by Breathe Electric

more accurately the part which goes :
It's never black and white it be a shade of grey between

behind the scenes...

I was thinking of making three copies of it and have one white, one black and a grey one between to be one whole picture. But my Photoshop has problems so I couldn't make that vision come true :(
Maybe I should buy a better one.

This guy (what's the name? Let's just name him Electro, since I can't think of anything better right now and I'll edit the name later and hey, why won't make a salute to Breathe Electric for inspiring him), anyways, he took so long to finish. He has the most infuriating style I had ever been forced to draw. 

While drawing the bottom half of the shirt, I shouted to it, 
"Why won't you draw your f*cking self?!"
(Of course, I just mouthed the F word.)

It was the stupid jacket and its stretchy thing at the end. (Check out the Rock chain on the right hand. Why did I even bothered on the details?). After sketching and thinking it looked pretty good, I thought that should get it done by tonight. Just after outlining the left sleeve it dawned to me: this is going to take some time.

 I hadn't have my lunch and when I become finally aware of my surroundings like I just came out from a basement I've been kidnapped to for ten years, it was already near 7 pm. I just realized that my hands were shaking from lack of glucose. And I wasn't thinking clearly as well. 

After completing it, I should have put off the scanning for tomorrow. I didn't. Instead, I took out the printer/scanner and while plugging pendrive in so I could move it to my laptop so I could retouch it there, but I electrocuted myself with the metal holder. Three times. 

My mind, which was already not thinking well, buzzed like I had a jugful of coffee. I couldn't handle speech properly. My mind can't process things fast enough. I fear to touch water.

Yeah, things like these happen to me.

Good news is...I got better. I'm not that hyped up. I can still enunciate 'enunciate.'
I can still touch water. (BIG score for that! I would have died within three days.)

Stupid electric.
Wait. I just noticed that this is VERY ironic.
I drew a piece because of Breathe Electric and got electrocuted trying to finish it.


No 'HAHA.'
Stupid band. 

I almost died.

*but I still love yoooooou

Radio? Stereo?

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" You told me to lie.
I told you to die. "

Not 3 minutes after I post this as my Facebook status,
I've got wave of responses for it.
I have no idea how these things get into my head.
A transmission?

Why Does My Name Have To Be So Fancy?

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One of the reasons why I am in the Editorial Board
is to make sure that my name is spelled correctly.

With a name with 'Q' in it, how can I not be paranoid?

Three More Things Won't Get Me Fat

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Mmm. My sister's SPM is tomorrow.
I have to finish my work for yearbook.
Also update on my stories so that my creative juices keep flowing.
(Ideas are so gone. Everything has been there, done that stamped on it.)
We are going to move after SPM too.

Sounds like a relaxing holiday?
I need more ice-cream.

I had one before because my Mum needed to fill up the gas tank
because my Dad is going to drive her car to the airport and 
he grumbles about how little the oil is in the tank so my Mum and I
went to a Shell Station near my school and got some ice-cream---and oil.

The people that work there are very friendly.

Me Lady Guy

Dua ice-cream. Four ringgit please.
*hands RM10*
Okay...mahu plastic?
Yeah...yeah... :)
*gives back change and puts stuffs in plastic*
Sudu mahu?
Y-yeah... :)
*looks in a drawer*
Eh, mana sudu ni?
Ada sudu kah?
*holds up a bent plastic spoon*
Ada lain kah?
Itu saja yang mereka bagi.
Sori miss, tiada sudu lah.
Ah, ni hah.
*gives wooden spoon*
Okay. Thank you.

Then Mum had the foresight to see that two ice-creams
were not enough because I have five siblings at home.
I only bought two for my Sister and I.
Apparently in Mathematics:


Therefore : 2/5 = 0.4

Hence, we are NOT going to share 0.4 of the ice-creams among ourselves.

So, I have to get out of the car once more
and purchase three more.
On my way to the cashier, the floor was wet and I bumped to an old guy.
We simultaneously said "Sorry."
I'm always scared to bump into strangers especially old men
because my past experience with them was either looking at you pervertedly or 
staring at you angrily for invading their private space with your elbow or hips.

But this man must have a good day with the awesome
customer service in that gas station where they greeted
him with an enthusiastic, "Hello, Sir!" (Regular visitor? Perhaps.)
That he just glanced at me, smiling as I payed for the ice-creams.

The guy who was on the cashier before looked at me
disapprovingly at the +3 ice-cream I was paying.
I almost wanted to blurt out that I had a lot of siblings
but thought better of it and decided not to justify myself.

I wasn't that fat.

I'd Rather Be Alone Too

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See, I have this theory. Whether it's fate or choice, people break down into only two categories. You're either a robot, or an alien. My debate teacher would call that reductive. I call it a neat expression of a larger truth. Robots operate out of programs — conventional logic. They follow the rules. Robots scan the world from side to side. Aliens are more... abstract thinkers. If they need to break a rule to keep their own paths, they do. Without fear. Aliens look down and up... when they choose to. I'm not condemning one or the other, but, I'd rather be alone than be surrounded by robots. And robots could never even see someone like me."

--West Rosen, cute guy from Heroes Season 1

Tommy's Birthday

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I finally got my Final Exam's English Paper back.
This would be my last installment of

Seriously. I can't get enough him.

Right, so if you don't know what I'm talking about
then please READ THIS.
Are you reading it?
You should by know because if you don't then you won't get it
and you would think I'm writing some nonsensical thing that
wouldn't make sense and I'm just writing some 'inside story'
that I shouldn't reveal to you because it's my own personal, sad story.
This is my own personal, sad story that involves a fictional character

Did you finish reading it?
If your answer is…
YES. I did. I know the whole story now so thank you for pressuring me to click the link : Carry on.
NO. I dislike you for forcing me to read. BE GONE : you don't deserve to continue reading.

So. The question for this English Essay now is that we have to start with a sentence that goes, "It was a beautiful morning…" I was very, very tempted to write "Not." Very Meg Cabot, but decided against it and wrote something in honor of Teri - again. (I know what you are thinking: Does this girl really want to write essays about Teri all semester long? The answer is a Maybe but I am confirming that this would be the last time I will write about him for this year. I believe I should start afresh the next year. But I am seriously upset this. Oh well. Chin up. Don't look back.)

As always, the grammatical error in my Original Essay would be kindly ignored and rewritten. As an added effect, I was very pleased on who narrates for this story. Guess who. Guess who. Aw, you'd be right.

Here it is.


It was a beautiful morning, a rare occurrence in Bluesky Woods. The sun was shooting rays of light, peeking shyly through the veils of clouds. I watched outside through my window at nature on this beautiful day. The birds were singing a high-pitch melody, flying in flocks around town. I did not even knew there were that many birds here before.

My name is Tommy and today is my birthday.

Bluesky Woods, despite the sunny name, was anything but for the past seven years. Dark clouds assemble almost everyday. Torrents of rain pours continuously, making us one of the wettest towns in the state. The trees naked of leaves, the grass brown as the ground and the flowers, well, they were non-existent.

This is why today I watched through my window, as closely as I could as my breath condenses against the glass, the nature that unfolds before me. It was as if I were wearing rose-tinted glasses. A burping sound came behind me and I glanced back.

On the floor, next to my bed was Tracy, my little sister of four years. She has large, brown eyes (my mother said that they were identical to mines) and was holding up her small hand that looked like delicate sausages to her mouth.
"Tracy, say 'excuse me' after you burp."
"'Cuz me."
" Good girl."
She smiled appreciatively and returned to play with her toys on the floor.

It has been seven years after Teri's death.

What I know of my brother, or what little I remember of him, ended with his funeral ten days after his body was found. I heard countless rumors spiraling around his mysterious death. They said he died with opened eyes and gaping mouth, they wondered about the gash in his left arm and how did he die in the park, overlooking the lake.

Growing up, I heard a lot of condolences from strangers. About how kind he was, how good looking he was, how he coveted his little brother. To me, Teri was a face I know, a hand I held, who played with me when I asked him to steer my toy truck. The same toy truck Tracy was playing right now.

I remembered I did not speak much after Teri died. I guess I was searching for the man who played with my toy truck. When Tracy entered into the family (a pink thing with hair, I recalled thinking the first time I saw her), she was quite a show-stealer, which everybody said another thing she got from me.

I watched with fascination as a squirrel climbed up to a tree hole faster than anything I saw that could climb. I heard the sounds of wheels approaching down the lane. A girl with long, red hair was riding a bicycle. She passed by my house, saw me looking out the window and smiled, riding along. I think I knew her in my class but I can't seem to think of anything right then.

Slowly, I wondered if it would be nice to have a trip to the park. I could bring Tracy along. We could play at the shallow end of the lake and pile up stone towers. I felt an inkling inside me. How did Teri feel like when he died? Was the lake the last thing he saw? I hoped it looked beautiful that time. For Teri's sake.

It was a beautiful morning on my birthday.
And I thank you to whoever sent me this gift.


It Means More Money

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the numbers mean nothing

I'm currently thinking of taking a guinea pig to replace
my loneliness for human companion in the new house.
but I learnt that if I want a guinea pig, I need to buy two more
so it won't suffer from loneliness and depression and the need for guinea-pig companion.

Aww :'(
Isn't that such a sad, sweet trait of guinea pigs?

Never mind.
I'll find a cheaper pet.

Dropping Out of School Can Make You An Eggplant

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If I drop out of school, what will happen to me?

a. becomes broke
b. becomes famous
c. becomes a burden
d. becomes an eggplant.

Famous? How did that get in there?
How is dropping out of school can make you famous?
*counting well-known people who dropped out of school*
Well, the numbers are impressive but it is less
than the well-known people who did finish high school.

School registration is tomorrow.
For my senior year.

Eggplant then?

Raesh's Fear

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and she uttered:

I kind of had an idea on my mind.
And this came.

I painted her originally purple but
I tried out the Hue button and got a little greedy
at all the other colors.
The lines are messy but I like it, weirdly.

I tried to make sure there is fear in her eyes.
I wish I could have done better.

How My Brother Gets Invited To Parties

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My #3 Brother.

Party animal.

Well, not that I'm implying that my 9-year-old brother
goes to hardcore head-banging parties and pretty much
bring down the house with his home-made hula skirt
that just drips awesomeness from the sweat he makes
shaking his hips with it.
Just this one party.

Let's just put this up to mind:

Me, Responsible Teenager, average party a year : 0
Syahmi, Delinquent Youngest Brother, average party a year: 1


(I think, and I'm finding that I blame teenagehood for 
but, I'm really counting cards on this one.)

Anyways, Brother #1, Asyrani heard from his Friend, ADN
that he has a party at his place for his birthday.
Cake-hangover forecast? 
So, his Friend ADN is also the brother of ANJ, 
my Brother #3's BFFFFFF.
Do I need to tell you how much F's there is?

Plus, ANJ is so short and chubby and cute
that my Sis & I only saw him once but think
he is totally adorable and needed to mention
that he is everytime he is mentioned in our household.

So #3 Brother heard from #1 Brother about ADN birthday party.
Not wanting to miss a chance to spend time with his BFFFFFF,
#3 Brother decided to call "so that he could invite him too."

*listening Brother on the phone*

Oh, A****! Hey, why don't come to school today?
listens why ANJ did not come
Yeah, me too. But my Dad got mad at me.
listens what ANJ is telling him
Oh, really? ADN is having a party?
listens ANJ probable invitation to it
Alright! I ask my Mummy! Okay. Bye.

Then, he went outside to the door to catch my Mum before she leaves for work
to ask if she could drop him off.
An instant OK sign from Mum & Dad.
And I can't even go to any of friends' where social life is proven to be an
important to a teenager's behavioural development?
Do I want to grow up as an anti-social bum?
Never mind.
Venting how unfair this matter is is so overrated.
(And a lost cause.)
Let's not mess anymore time.

When he came back from it, my sister asked, "So, did you have a good time with A****?"
YES :))

My brother is soooo cute when he's with his BFFFFFF :3

They didn't bring me cake :(

Reason I Wanna Be A Red-Head

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Just to add a little dose of Hayley Williams in my little world.

I'm not a copy-cat nor a wannabe
but this girl, I would love to be her.
She is seriously my
(But I still love you, Chan & Denise. Muah. Have a cookie.)

Suggestions Please?

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I can do nothing now and not feel any tinge of guilt performing nothing.
Because my Excel is done.
Done. Done. Done.

That is way longer than SPM.

When we passed up our last paper,
we were like.

*stares happily at each other, immersing in the fact that it's over
and nothing can stand in our way to the road of total freedom
of papers that demand us to answer them to evaluate our 
intelligence which is ridiculous because some people
have cheats under their tables while they are doing this
anyways, we were just staring blankly at each other*

"So. What now?"

Have You Ever Have A Hat Like This Fun-Lover?

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what is this?

the detective spots the fun-lover having an odd joy-ride on his lighted up unicycle.
the assassin is extracting a gun from the inner pocket of his coat, the detective as the target.
the fun-lover notices the detective watching him and gulps in, hoping not to be waved stop.

the detective moves to the fun-lover and ask an explanation for jaywalking.
the assassin gets impatient for the detective to turn the corner. he had to come early to the missus tonight.
the fun-lover went hysterical and blames his unicycle. unknowingly, he has saved the detective's life.

this might be comical
but it has a layer of meaning to it.
how one's move, impulse, could effect so many things, even a life.
it makes one wonder when one is in the street.
was there anything I do today that saved someone's life.

there is a mighty chance, in a very long chain, it did.
Smile about that.

P.S. Little known fact: The detective has height issues. Check out his platform shoes.


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Oh, I love when my creative juices flow!

Men On Right: You know, you have such a dead stare.
Men On Left: .......................
*the guy kind of scares me.
I'll try not to look at this.

I'm so sorry that he just can't put up a little smile.
Both of them are interns in an architectural firm.
One likes to jabber.
The other, not much.

I Know My Arms Would Always Be By My Side

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Lazy post.
Tagged on Facebook.
Defied it and posted it here.
I'm a teenager like that.
Defying stuffs and all.

Three names I go by:

1. Ash
2. Shiqin
3. Musa

Three Jobs I have had in my life:

1. Keropok-seller. The first time I had ever made money.....
2. Cotton-candy seller during Form 4 Interhouse-Championship
3. Work with mum during holidays two years ago :D

Three Places I have lived:

1. Kota Kinabalu
2. Lahad Datu
3. Tawau

Three Favorite drinks:

1. Teh tarik
2. Kichai ping
3. Orange juice

Three TV Shows that I watch:

1. True Blood *sighs*
2. Glee/Modern Family. I can't choose.
3. An anime I'm currently watching.

Three places I have been: *most recent*

1. School.
2. New house.
3. House.

Three places I am looking forward to go:

1. KL :D
2. Mecca. I can't believe it's almost Hari Raya Haji D;
3. New Zealand. In referance to ANTM? ;D

People that I sms/sms me regularly:

1. Mum for stuffs.
2. DiGi.
3. No one. :D

Three of my favorite foods:

1. Peppermint ice-cream.
2. Sayap ayam.

 Three friends I think will respond:


Three things I am looking forward to:

1. End of Excel.
2. Holidays!
3. Living at New House cause it's so much nearer to school.

Three things that are always by your side:

1. Earplugs.
2. My phone.
3. My arms. These things...annoying!

Three things I always look forward to during weekends:

1. Doing nothing and watch TV
2. Become vocabulary-high and write 15 pages of stuff non-stop.
3. Eating some Ananas

Three things I always do every morning:

1. Wake up 15 minutes before alarm rings.
2. Try to go to sleep.
3. Alarm rings and curse for not having more time to sleep. 

Don't try to hack any of my accounts with these informations
because they are not of any use.

People who are not trying to hack into my account,
I'll post something nicer later.

Half A Century

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!
You're half a century!

Your Present:

We love you so much!
Take your insulin daily.