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This post has no bullet points. Just is.

Hmm. Okay. Now it's starting to be a Dengeki Daisy Appreciation Post. Okay, never mind. I'll just leave it here.


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How can Chan look good wearing only a singlet and flip-flops? I don't understand.
Also, emergency-shades are a must.

Oh, look. Three girls not wearing heels. How refreshing.
This is a short post. Holler.

Prince Alcott's Cloak for Best Actor, Please

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I think my mum's obsessed with the living room tiles. Ever since refilling the edges and scraping off the excess harder than Cinderella must had, all we could think of is how to make the tiles look better. It's exhausting, physically and mentally. I can't handle these tiles anymore. Too many blood, sweat and tears are poured into it. We walk over them anyway. Being a housewife is no eating-your-bonbons-watching-soap-opera-easy, I tell you. I might end up buying the smallest house possible with least furniture. I'd go Arabian and set out floor-leveled couches and short tables with only chrome silverware. Yes, I like to plan my future in blog posts.

Also, I went out with my best friend, back from Curtin. Haiii Denise :)
We went out to book our tickets for a movie, I drank Yoyo for the first time, we watched Mirror Mirror and window-shopped. Highly considering to go shop at Cotton On the next time I'm there. Mirror Mirror was silly but entertaining (ending the movie with a Bollywood song? Oh yes, very silly.) But it was adorable albeit predictable. Though that made me excited for Snow White and The Huntsman. (Glorious CG on everything. Love the feel---even for a trailer.) Also, her friend's cat. Me gusta.


I should also add a list a weird, memorable list of dreams I had lately:
1. I was in shotgun, someone was driving and Sherlock was in the seat behind me. We stopped and John and went in. Sherlock and John looked at each other. Post-Reichanbach. Never knew what happened in the end.
2. I don't remember but Josh Hutcherson was there which is a good dream on its own.
3. I crossed a street and The Wanted was in the middle photoshoot outside the building I was going. I was apparently friends with them and started to tease Siva at how much he thinks himself as good-looking. Woke up, confused, because I don't even have particular feelings for The Wanted.

Yeah, exactly.


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I'm not sure if it would be called wasting time but I've been writing a whole bunch of poems for the past few weeks and it helped to get all the negative energy out. Well, yes, you do have to wallow in it for a while as you're writing it and keep yourself afloat from your tears buuuuuuuuuut in the end, SELF-FULFILLMENT! Yeah! Cookie! It helped me feel better and upped my English skill! I now learnt how to write a sestina, how to create flow, increase my vocabulary (sleet, diffident, desultory) and paint more emotions with words! I'm using too much "!!!". Like insisting I'm fine or something. Which I am. I'm fine, believe me.

I need to stop writing poems and start writing real stories now. My Wattpad had been figuratively collecting dust all month long. Perhaps with my new-and-improved confident, writing-self, I can get on it and actually do something.

Also, I noticed all my notebooks that I own and I'm anxious at thinking of leaving them when I'm off to college soon. Should I bring one? I think I'd bring the red one that Chan gave me and the Cupcake one that Bren gave. To add, I should bring just one envelope from the writing set Syiqin gave me. I can't bear to part from them. Perhaps I'll write more when I need to. You never really know.

Mum's been asking why was I drawing old men in my sketchbooks and I didn't even reply (if I recall) because hey, why the eff not? It's not creepy for a teenage girl to draw well-dressed 50-something old men. It's completely normal. (In a reverse situation, then she has a right to call it creepy.) It's the time in my life when I need to sharpen my skill and add variety to my work. God knows I need help when it's time to draw animals.

In other news, my brother recently created his own blog and I would give him free advertisment here but I can't remember his real URL so never mind, his loss. Apparently, it's for an English project and my brother was completely at loss at what to do with a blog. Why do you need it? What do you actually write in it? I just said: Well, you write things you like, things you discovered and it's a great way to catalogue your life! But secretly, I was like: Ooooh, wait until they discover they can thrash about each other in hereeeee. But no, that's not what this is for (unless your ultimate goal is to have a gazzillion followers which is kinda pathetic.) I keep my blog clean. (Well, as clean as I can because I have another blog for that.)

April is good month. All the people I love is returning, even if it's only for a little while.
Praying for a wonderful month.

Beautiful people ♥