My Goodness People of Malaysia, Bruno Mars Is In Our History Textbook!

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You don't even need to be a huge Bruno Mars fan to see the resemblance.
For the people wondering which one:
It's the man in the circle with an arrow pointing to 'BRUNO MARS???'

I know.
So awesome.
It was so awesome that when I tried to show my sister on the 1st of April,
 she told me she won't look because she doesn't want to be April Fooled.
I kept on insisting that I was telling the truth.

For the curious:

Check your Form 5 History Textbook, page 106.
It's there.

Frosting, The Final Defense for The Dying

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I'm so psyched.
Results for the role of Peeta Mellark will be out out out this Tuesday.
(Wednesday in Malaysian time.)
So I'm either going to be throwing flowers in the air
trudge around like a zombie giving you blank stares
by Wednesday.

You better be hoping that you'd have to sweep my flowery mess that day.

He Hugged The Man With A Noose Around His Neck

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I'm going to draw the statement above later.

I feel like eating but I don't want to eat.
I should eat when I need to eat.
My advice to all the ladies out there.
Okay, going to go eat.