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just finished watching paranorman
and omg i'm so obsessed with these three
it's craaaayyy

corto maltese in siberia

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scavenging through a production designer's blog and i came across an article speaking of a certain Hugo Pratt, highly praised cartoonist and mentioned a screen adaptation of one of his most famous stories. always up for animated movie, i watched Corto Maltese in Siberia and was already in awe at the opening sequence. only after going through a good quarter in the movie did i realize i need to screencap this movie. all credits to the original animators, of course.

bad-ass bitch in town.


the other baddest bitch from shanghai to manchuria.

corto and rasputin are the bestest buds
(even with the attempts of assassination here and there)

General Ginger is a gr9 side-character.
Like he only appears for 2 minutes but 
he already killed an old fortuneteller lady.

fav scenery bar none.

poignant, romantic ending?
hah, you wish.

Corto Maltese in Siberia
by Hugo Pratt

A+ animation.
???? in plot actually i had no idea what i gathered from the movie
1. Corto is fiiiiiiiineee.
2. Flawfree voice-acting.
3. Great use of negative space.
4. Gold trains or bust.

voie à double sens

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went back and cleaned dorm even though
i felt 45% healthy.
surprisngly, after i left my dorm, 
i felt around 78% healthy?

i couldn't study and when i started on permutations
i went: eff this shit and lied on the bed.
i'm a sick person dangit, i need rest.


i drew!!! with my hands!!!!!
i haven't drawn for s long time omg i thought i could forget it already.
i wasn't planning to draw a cognitive piece, just a random doodle
of random people but i started out building them in my head:

the dude is a deckhand that loves roaming than tying ropes
he ditches his job to travel but gets beat up/cheated/conned way too many times
than when he was wee little deckhand

one day, he met a girl with dark hair at a port
and found out she was the daughter of a gypsy leader
and the sea and travel was her passion
which was his passion as well and he later found out she was his too.

however they could never really settle their feelings
because the girl never stays too long at one spot
and he's haunted by a past love of an older woman
who drowned because she loved the sea.

urgh why do i need to build these stories
and get so highly invested in them???


don't steal original idea by me
blah blah
i'd sue.

w o w

i didn't like this song at first but as i keep listening to it
i finally get it.

i got lights in my eyes

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surprisingly the only picture i took during my membakut btn trip.
i tend to sit alone in buses and the padi between a straight highway
gives me american roadtrip feels.

the bus driver and his protege (i safely assume because the bus driver
was pointing out landmarks to him) was super nice:
the bus driver stopped for a kid who wanted to cross the road,
naturally speaking in Suluk which i surprisingly caught.
the protege offered me crackers which i thankfully declined
because i had no water.

it didn't really feel like leaving home at all.


no fireworks tonight.

those hip thrust, yes pls.

i can't believe Joyce said that i was her source for rap music omg