the myth of only walking sideways after eating crab is not true

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like I believe in it anyway.
Just a small joke with the family while eating buttered crab, steamed fish with soy sauce, grilled vegetables, bean curd, prawns, corn crab meat soup with of course, rice. I'm not quite sure what's tonight occasion is for, given the fact how rare we even dine out, but it must be something good. Asyran, with his new DSLR, was quite helpless and has absolutely no creative gut to take pictures of the food (who would want to miss out when there's us busy guzzling everything in sight?). We went back home after one and a half hour. It was quite a fast dinner. I ordered two bowls of rice, which was a much needed medium, to be fair. Here are some pictures with my humble phone (and yes, it's after I ate):

I'm so full.

screens for the hyperactive

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I've followed a bunch of illustrative blogs in Bloglovin'....I don't know what I'm doing with my life.

may the odds be ever in your favor (and talent)!

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1st sketch :  just a quick sketch of a lonely woman missing someone.
2nd sketch : based on an excerpt of my story.
3rd sketch : okay, this need some 'splainin. I was watching this Malay melo-drama with my Aunt and apparently this is what's going down: there were this three best friends, two girls A and B and a dude C. C was in love with A but she went on to get a husband on her own so C married B. When A's marriage was in the rocks, B invited A to live in her house. Note that A and C has a child. But their marriage start to crumble because apparently C fell in love with A again because she was staying in their house. You could tell which part I was starting to get pissed off. I was scolding the husband for falling in love with his old love but my aunt interjected that it was stupid of his wife to even invite his former love in their home. I was having none of that: it's completely the dude's fault for not able to keep his thing in his pants. Please. Don't. And here comes some horrible acting. Oy. That show was hard to watch.
4th sketch : a Skitch sketch. Nuff said.

you use to have all the answers,

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and you still have them too.

camera was smudged at the left side.
my incompetency...
some pictures during orientation week in UMS.
MSM was one roller-coaster ride.

I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the time

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How should I start?

I could give you a bubbly and awesome commentary about my orientation week for my science foundation but I really can't because I'm not up for being ~optimistic (LOL @ my URL) and ~upbeat about the whole thing. I met a lot of nice people, wonderful even like my seniors and my roommate, but I just hated that week. The programs were packed and exhausting but that's not what I'm frustrated at. Can I just confess that the whole week made me...unsure? Threatened? Doubtful? I'm conflicted mentally about why I'm taking a science foundation as a stepping stone for a Medical Degree (rolled my eyes when people answered their dream course was: "Medical", they can't even get their grammar right, I even managed to spot a senior shaking his head). There were so many, so many people who wanted to apply for the Medical program in my university it seemed ridiculous. Plus, with the condition that we can only study in that university after foundation, my options are limited for a doctorate.

EFF THIS. I'm going to watch some Adventure Time.

[.gif not mines, of course.]

Charo, Caro

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On our way back home from Maybank (after embarrassing myself in public again and being way too over-conscious about how I was standing and what I was staring at---for goodness' sake why did I have to act like I'm going to rob that joint?), my Mum absent-mindedly forgot that she already ordered a cake from Aunt Sue for Syahmi's birthday and entered a small bakery just a few feet from the bank. I, without question because there'll be cake, followed in and was instantly smitten by the adorable European bakery it was trying to pull (the shop was slightly bare but I was taken, nonetheless). Also, the lady owner was jolly and bubbly and people like that always leave a good impression so I'm writing this post just to advertise her shop. I can't help it, I have a soft spot for small-run businesses.

But also.

The cheese cake was amazing.
I'm not particularly fond of cake, much less cheese cake because it never settled in my taste buds just right but but but THIS ONE. THE ONE MY MUM BOUGHT---WAS---FLIPPIN' AMAZING. LIKE WOW WOW WOW. I WANT MORE. My Mum originally bought the Oreo Cheese Cake for my brother but I don't know why in the universe he doesn't want it so my sister was kind enough to extract me from my computer to make me eat it. And there starts my love affair. Please visit this shop.

When I think that the Oreo Cheese Cake was good,
the lady actually recommended the trifle (that's the red-topped cake).



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Lol, bad Hunger Games pun. My bad. Sunday evening with the family. Everything's pretty quiet except for the sound of cable TV and giggles over monopoly deal.

2 days 1 night is on. Good start/end to the weekend.

It's surprisingly troubling how well I can sketch dead people

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apropos, i have a fear of watching tony stark demolishing his (beautiful) house

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Honorable mentions in this post:
  1. I wasn't picked for the second batch to PLKN (and I think third as well?) so studies is the only thing I need to worry about for now.
  2. I was picked for matriculation in Labuan. I'm waiting till 7th May for the UPU results. Hopefully, the universities I picked would choose me to be in their pre-u program.
  3. I dreamt that I was at school again, with all my smart classmates and we were in a new very good special program for us smarties. There was also BigBang and 2NE1 in it. On Monday we have a sleepover at school and not mentioning that to my parents, I need to sneak out of school so I won't face their wrath. Waking up, I realize: Why would I wanna go back home if BigBang was there? Party all night long, that's what I'm planning.

Some things I've been working on for the past few weeks:

photos by me, 1-6: sketches, 7: briyani in a blackout mall, 8: floral on the street,
9: wanted to cut this out but the color of the car is gorgeous so I kept it,
10: the kinabalu bay and harbor, it rained in the evening.

I can't help the thought of leaving Kota Kinbalu. 
Who has the heart after the pictures above?

Pudding shortage

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Should I start writing long posts again?
Naw. Here's some pictures.

My new Bamboo.
Dad purchased it right before the power down in 1Borneo.
Only in Sabah, babe.