chemical engineering + psychology = breaking bad marathon

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my last chemistry lab for my asasi program (◡‿◡✿)

dinner at shang ri-la

aan baby

these gorgeous babes, i swear...

i can't believe everything is ending.
i am not ready to leave the secure academic scaffold of asasi
and enter a newer, harder upgraded version named the degree years.
also to worry about where i'll be living and scholarships.
holy shit i don't even know what i wanna take anymore.
i can seriously get in chemical engineering
but damn can i even handle that subject?


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“I'm not brave any more darling. I'm all broken. They've broken me.” 

— Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

how i feel about life, studying and everything right now.
i've hit depression.
i've hit it.
i'm considering nooses.
i'm considering cutting.

being not good enough pains me.
i don't wanna do those things
but this pains me.

because of this stress,
i'm irritable and easily agitated.
i can't remember as well as i use to.
i have no motivation.

this might be phase.
this might be a momentary emotion.
but it feels done and dealt with.

i've hit it.

being young and hopeful seems like a stupid thing.
silly silly silly.
in this world it's so silly.

people tell you what to do
and you might not like it
but you have to goddamn succeed in it
so you won't be considered a disappointment.

i've hit it.

i feel like staying in bed forever and cry and stay cold or stay hot.
i want to run out and breathe breathe breathe
but i'm scared i'll scream and scare the entire neighbourhood.

ugh too much.



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short picnic with Michelle and Aan.
it's odd that it was the first time we relaxed there
since we started asasi last june.

look at the color when the sun hits the palm trees. in KK has its upsides

again, just a post full with gratuitous pictures
of KK Teluk Likas landscape.

it's almost 2am and i have a bunchload of pictures to upload so this seems to be best time to update my blog, ja feel?

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RM3.50 cheesecake
Joyce bought it first but when I had a taste, 
I wanted to buy 50 of them.
wow it's good.
the sponge is more than the cheese but damn i don't mind it.

mum & dad.

we were on the way to the airport to send off dad
but he unceremoniously forgotten his blackberry
so we gotta drive back to get it oyyyy

the hunger games on the star movies channel.
goodness gracious me, seneca crane can get it.

when you talk in code to me I can translate it

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