boys in the blue, girls in the red

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D.O. Y.O.U. L.O.V.E. M.E.

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 ©  Paradise Kiss, Ai Yazawa

again, some gifs.

ugh this video is just the epitome of i want in my college social life
what a great song to rock out to 

royal pirates

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first day of lecture
and its maths engineering!
calculus, we meet again.

i'm so glad i'm done with orientation...
i bet the other 4900 students would agree

brother gave me a bookmark with a quote a highly understand

linus' blanket ya'll

wow if i ever get to make an anime this song would be the opening

i like you better than cigarettes

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wow staying up till 3 am makes you do the weirdest off-chance things you could possibly do for that late of an hour...currently i'm downloading the massive amount of k-indie songs i've been missing out on due to poor, like very poor, internet connection and also updating my kazillion blogs woohoo go late night spurt of bleary-eyed-refuse-to-sleep energy! oh right i should post some pictures!