Like Brushing Your Teeth

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My one and only beloved.
I crave for it's sweet sweet loving everyday.

The Sunset Was Pretty Though

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I studied. I even finished Biology and redid my Literature c) question while I'm on it. I'm on fire!!!
Well, not literally. Did I tell you I have one of those lamps that you could just touch the base and it would be on/brighter/brighterrr/brightest/off? While I was drawing as a treat for being such a good girl sometime near the sun setting, I accidentally brushed the base and it went all dark. I sat there, paralyzed in fear, thinking that there was a blackout and how scared I was to be in the empty top floor, alone, in the dark. I stayed there for about half a minute like a noob before realizing that the fan was still on. I looked at the lamp and touched the base. ON. It's a wonder how I even passed Maths.

Epic fail.

Teach Me Your Ways

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Lori Goldstein.
I am in love with this woman's fashion sense. It is impeccable.
Simply smart but great play of colours.

Anyways, need to keep my foot on the ground and go study.
Biology now, fashion later.

I'd Barter Gold For Chocolate Anytime

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Today was so normal it reeked.
The only thing I remembered was when Cecilia mumbling in the background in my head as she explains the movement of an earthworm during Biology. That sleep during Bio was very refreshing. Just the right amount of dozey. I woke up, ready to learn, when she told us to do an exercise in our Science Process Skill. Taking a nap to feel revitalize to learn. Fail. Dammit.

And can I just say that I'm a major slut for chocolate? My best friend told me as I lazed early in the morning that she'd give me three Choclairs if I went down. I whined, take out my rule-book and study book and followed her out. Stupid chocolate. I would probably take a job if it pays me in chocolate. (In Ancient Aztec, the price of cocoa is equivalent as gold.)

Also, my friends are starting to notice my addiction to read Special Topics in Calamity Physics.
"Why do you keep reading that?"
"Yeah, are you reading it again?"
Uh-huh. Thanks friends, for making me feel like the only thing I can do in the world is coordinately reading this book. Yeah.

 Oh, and Happy Birthday to Second Brother.
I thought his birthday was on the 28th.

Cupcake Coincidence Controversy

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What? Why is this?
The whole week it has been nothing but cupcakescupcakescupcakes. That is all I see, smell, taste and hear about. My five senses couldn't take no more.
Not that I'm complaining but the sweet-topped concoction just keeps on rolling and rolling like Bruno Mars with his love that could catch a grenade for ya.
And I understand the want for cupcakes, the need for it. The smell, the taste. Lately, all it does now is smearing me with brightly coloured sprinkles and cream.

I want a burger.

Asians Are Going To Rule The World

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Most likely.
So told my friend that even though this Taeyung (is that correct?) is promoting in America,
people there are most likely going to confuse him as one of the Far East Movement dudes.
You know I'm right.

She corrected me. It's Tae-yang. My bad. My bad.

Just Hug More, Why Won't You?

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I think Prophet Muhammad asked us to do this.
Ah, what a man.
Anyways, Salam Maulidur Rasul.
Selawat more.

I'd be very wistful the entire day.

Look At Those Leggings

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I should really stop posting up pictures as an excuse for not putting up words.
I'm running out of pictures.

(I imagine this girl in walking around in Paris, completely lost. 
Which might be the case if I ever visited there.)

What? Your Name is Micheal Sheen?

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My essay of him has suddenly gone WAY off-topic.
He is a person I admire and I even forgot his name.
I am so freaking fantastic.

I really liked him in The Damn United and in 30 Rock
(the reason why I just called him Wesley Snipes in my essay,
if my teacher ever Googled him, I am going to fail.)

Alright, I am so going to rewrite my essay.
I am very sorry, Micheal Sheen.


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I have bad moments.
Mostly came after a good moment.
Afterwards, I would feel like a fool.

And when it comes the time I feel very depressed, I just remember that one quote.
"I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don't hurt anyone but myself."
I loved Cinna from the Hunger Games. It still confounds me that he died.

Perhaps I do become melodramatic, but working while being angry or depressed produce some
fantastic results, I give you that.

An Archuleta A Day Makes It A Fine Day

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I am going to be my best best today.
I am all set for school tomorrow and I haven't even had my breakfast yet. I am kind of bummed because my Mum can't find the scissors to cut my hair. My hair so long now, perhaps the longest it has ever been. I am missing the light weight of a bob right now. (Do I feel like whipping my hair back and forth? No, not even the slightest. I get a major neck sprain just even trying it so I have enough of trying to act like Willow Smith. I like my head right where it is right now.)

Right, did I tell you I'm going to be an angel today?
So, I am going to draw a little before studying Form 4 Chemistry. Ah! I hear David Archuleta downstairs! Now what else can be sign that today's going to be a good day? Okay, so going to go downstairs to get my very much needed concentrated-milk-infused-Milo. Seriously, I feel very optimistic for an optimistic.


That Is Some Explosive Cupcakes

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aiming for the kill.

They Were Stupefied

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Giant Beakers Are Like

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...teddy bears for nerds.

Based on real life events.

We were setting up an experiment in the lab and we need a beaker.
A friend took an unnecessarily large one and she could literally hug it.
I've never seen a girl so happy hugging a beaker before.

It's like a cold, fragile teddy bear.