That Is Mahogony!

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I've been in a long break from blogging. And yes, it's true: I died. But just for a little while. Last week had been one of those weeks were nothing goes right and it seems like the only way your head could cope with it is tuning it out with TV and eat what is given into your arms. No Internet, no long conversations, not quite good laughing either. Getting my SPM result, I admit I was disappointed and try to put on a brave face at school and all I wanted was to go home...until my Mum dragged me to a friend's house then I have to hear some older ladies saying it's not so bad and asking about my ambitions and telling me their opinions and their point of view and it's not long before they talk about this person studying at this university and such and such. I try not to get sour in front of them because they're providing breakfast for me.

Though, I woke up and didn't really try to act in front of Ustazah when she dropped in. I was in a completely sour mood for three days. It let up a little, and I'm fine now.

Cousins are visiting from Lahad Datu. You know about me and new people in the house (I generally don't like it and don't get me wrong because it's not that I hate family or anything it's just that when people visit the house, I'm usually off-put at how topsy-turvy the house would be.) In the picture, from left to right, my lovely and fiesty Cousin Azimah, my caring and home-grown Cousin Wati and lastly, the whiny-yet-adorable Cousin Mikraj. He is such a troublemaker. Actually considering kids watching at the amount of effort to take care a baby.

Mum's make-up case. I'm wondering when will I get this. I'm quite sure it's soon. After watching a Star King special about the Magic of Make-Up, I'm actually thinking about the possibility of applying to my face more than the regular BB Cream. Hmm. Just a thought. (Also, not gonna lie, but I love taking pictures of make-ups. Especially eyeshadows. Call it superficial but I love the colors.)

My newest favorite part of the house. Oh me gusta. So pretty. I never had a proper book-case for my storybooks. I was slightly crestfallen that we have to put so many books because I thought it could be pretty if I would add some space to the books and vases and a small plant. I don't know. Silly me. Wait till I get my own bookcase. But lol most of my books are in e-reader form anyway.

Also, yayyy I watched The Hunger Games (Josh Hutcherson stole my loyalty solely on his sparkling, ever-so-perfect, Mario theme-humming personality), him and Jennifer are my two-favorite people right now. And Korra. I'm so excited for April, it's ridiculous.

This is one of my favorite part in the movie. I internally swoon when he did that. A lot of people didn't like it but I'm like: shut the eff up, that scene was so adorable and appropriate. I'm not sure if it was an ad-lib he made but such a good touch. Like he could finally touch her hair, wondering the small things about her before they commit suicide (or something to that sense, you know?) :')

Also, that comic is hilarious.

Come Away Little Lamb, Come Away To The Slaughter

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Achievements of the Week:

1. I finished reading Maureen Johnson's Name of the Star. Next up: Angelfall by Susan Ee.

Me No Gusta

The premise of this book was so enticing it's exciting even to start reading it. However, it immediately fizzled down with the 70-something pages of description of the ~oooooo New English School [which I had enough reading of from Enid Blyton's girls' school series (I can't recall the name at the moment) and Harry Potter] and ~ooooo Scary Ripper Around New English School. I wasn't informed or aware that the genre of this book was supernatural but when I read that The Ripper was actually a ghost, yeah, my logical-detective curiosity instantly deflated like a figurative bag of disappointment. I also wished that how they handled things were more...efficient and well-thought of. And I don't see the point of people hating Charlotte because she's just ambitious. I mean...if she was a guy would that make a difference? She fits right in with my friends but lol we're Asians, never mind. And oh, Jerome. Jerome, Jerome, Jerome. Other than his fascination/obsession with Ripper which is the only redeeming quality he has (I like them creepy), he seems only to serve as an English boytoy for Rory. Also, I just wanted Rory to absolutely get it on with Stephen. He is much more of a catch than Jerome. (In my opinion, anyway. Praying for it to happen in Book Two.) Lastly, The Ripper. To be fair, I wish his motivation for onslaught was a little more...explained. He's crazy, I know, but I don't want another Pure Villain killing people for no (hidden) reason at all. It seemed lazy, really. Also, what the eff is with all the talking in the climax? Go ahead and slash someone. Does Newman do this with all the victims? I don't think so. That's why the job gets done.

Me Gusta Mucho

With the boring minute details of Every Day English School Life, it also comes with minute details of Victims, Victims and More Victims! It slightly frightens me how I enjoyed reading good details of people murdered but whatever, it was actually interesting to read. I love that she doesn't skip it out. The book wrapped up nicely, with The Ripper gone and everybody (well, not everybody so to say) was safe. The ending was oops-worthy and I understand that it's a trilogy but please please please explain about it better in the second book. Please, I beg. And I don't know if the author does this to mess with my mind or anything but Stephen reminded me a whole lot of Sherlock minus the clever, kinda because the description was absolutely spot-on and made me confused to actually like the book better. I hate this bias. One last thing to add, her friends are Scott Westerfield, John Green and Ally Carter? What the actual. So lucky. (Though I wish her friends could help her on the plot hole.) 

2. I did not kill myself and thank goodness for that because I have yet to watch The Hunger Games and The Legend of Korra.

This song is wonderfully creepy. I love it.

3. I contacted old friends. Now I have some company to watch The Hunger Games with.

4. I watched Kiki's Delivery Service, and yes, I loved it!

5. I did not blow up when I read how awful fanfic writers are getting published and making millions of dollars. Brb, finding my own stories which I first wrote back when I was 12.

it's just screen after screen and more screens for me

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I saw a lot of things. Clearly, my life these days revolve around lit screens of TV/laptop/phone. I miss going out because I haven't done that in...two weeks. I am stuck in my house for two weeks. Oi, no wonder I got sick. But in that period, I'm enlightened by some works I witnessed. Here's some:

Mourning at the end of the newest season of Merlin. Like I watch it for the plot. And I saw this wonderful, amazing photo so I've got to share.

Dying when I saw that, not gonna lie. By geekologycomic in tumblr. I thought the commercial was pretty irrelevant based on how long ago PGL was (or The it still out?) but seeing this, I was fairly amused.

Also, I saw an MTV special on T-ARA and they showed the full M/Vs for Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey. The actor was so familiar...where have I seen him before? Flawless sunglasses, by the way.

this is for the ever-fabulous Denise/Nikki/Goh/Birdy

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okay, I admit I just Googled 'flowers'.
but all of this is for you!
these field of flowers are just for you!

I sincerely pray you have a great time in college
and make new friends
but know there'll be no one other than me
and I know you would because if did it in high school,
you can do it again in college.

Be sure to have good people around you
that tells you to study
(le sigh~that's why we're in college)
and take care of yourselves.

I think I'm being such a bad friend for not seeing you off
but I'm majorly sick and as I'm wiping my hands after
killing my brother who infected me with this,
I want to tell you that:

I'm going to miss you so much
and I love you ♡

unspokenly needed Supernatural .gif

May All Your Bacon Burn

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I finally finished reading Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones which took me forever to finish. It was about 160 pages or so and it took me a whole week to complete it. It got to the point that I just wanted to finish it for the sake of finishing it but as it got to the end, everything blew me away. I have to stop for a second to process what's happening. I watched the movie before I read it but it didn't spoil me at all. It was amazing. Howl is more of a drama queen in the book. I love it.

My sister had been telling me to not replace human contact with virtual life and books and I thought: okay. Whatevs. I admit, I'm kind of lonely but who cares when you got other (fictional) people's problems to worry about. Though I do need someone to make me waffles.

My mind is wonderful in that when I start to freak out about SPM results, it automatically sidetracks to The Hunger Games. My mind is a gift I would never stop to treasure---unless I have those time at nights I remember embarrassing moments, then I hate it. Ah well. C'est la vie.

I need to share these.

You Got to Step Up Your Game to Make It to the Top

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I miss eating these so bad. Why does it seem like I had endless supply of it when I was a kid but now as a young-ish adult, there are no where to be found? Currently, I am demanding chocolate from my brothers and Dad. I still don't have it. They are not getting the picture. Don't they understand my existence absolutely hinges at eating this in 24 hours? Clearly, they don't. Why do they ignore me when I demand for food? Because I don't kid with food.

In other news, this was what I described to Denise about the Liverpool vs. Arsenal game last night:

Do you see that? He's a human fish. Arsene Wenger, never let this one go. Look at that commitment and training. Liverpool was pounding down on the goal attempt last night and they didn't even score. I can't. Good job, goalkeeper. Bravo. To add, I absolutely love to see the ending of the game when some of the Arsenal-Liverpool players clap each other's back and hug. So cute.

Also, oh Mama saying Suarez looks like me because of his teeth.
"Wow, he so hot kah that he can be compared to me?"
"Astaga, Shiqin."


One of the Few Times I Would Jog Willingly

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If you never jogged in Kota Kinabalu or anywhere in Sabah, to be truthful then...what are you doing with your life? Jogging in Taman Rimba Tropika was pretty awesome, despite not having a lake (though Taman Tun Fuad does). Admittedly, it's a much more shorter and obstacle-friendly than Taman Tun Fuad but dammit that's what I like about it! Plus, it's not as crowded as Taman Tun Fuad or as mosquito-infested. I can't wait to be back there after 15 years or something and see how tall the baby trees are. Plus, I like the feeling of lightness after some good exercise.

and of course some after-snack teh tarik break.