This is So Adorable

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Hat man.

(credit to Macho Machi, of course.)

I Should Just Stop Medical School and Become A Landscape Photographer

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I mean, I took this with my phone.
Also, the perks would be amazing:

1. I only need a freaking camera and a functioning vehicle for my job.
2. I can sell all my works to Sabah Magazine.
3. I can live in Sabah all my life.
4. People might send me to islands to take pictures over there.
5. And they might want me to take pictures of hotels too.
6. Not going to take the Mount Kinabalu job though.
7. And take pictures of food as well. I'm good at that.
8. I can work for restaurants.
9.  They can just give me food as payment.

Okay. My life career is pretty legit now.

There's No Fun Blog to Stalk

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I am bored.
Give me your blogs.
I am bored.


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Korean Cafes Have Really Good Taste In Music

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the songs I noticed playing in the background in some Korean dramas
(often in the coffee shop, they love them some Americanos)
are very classy, easy to listen and often soothing.
how did they find these? 
Micheal Buble, I could understand, but Hannah Georgas? 

Exceptional taste!

Warhol Talking To You People Who Are Lazy/Lack Inspiration

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Stop Braking, More Rolling

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life is taking a down-turn.
I thought it's going to get better.
When will it get better?

when will i feel better?

You Know There's One of Those Days When You Just Can't Win?

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I'm having those.

My Name is Ash and I Like Cash

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is that too cheesy?

This is a random post.

Did you remember when everybody starts saying 'random'? It was the In Thing. Now everybody goes around saying swag, awesome and YOLO. And hastags (#). A lot of hashtags.

Why can't people start saying words like pulchritude, magnanimous  or plebeians? 
The generations are moving into a cultural abyss. Really.
Now, I think this should be a post about my favorite words! (Keep in mind, this post is random. Forever-changing and re-sculpting like clay in the deep universe.)

My Favorite Words So Far:

1. Wanderlust --- v. an expression for wanting to venture, something hipsters would say.
2. Rivulet --- n. a very small stream from French literature meaning: small river.
3. Sophomania --- n. overblown opinion of one's intelligence, delusions of superintelligence, me.
4. Daedal --- adj. ingenious, skillful, variously adorned, mazelike diversified
5. Bildungsroman --- n. a novel whose principal subject is the moral, psychological and intellectual  development of a (usually youthful) character.
6. Cafune --- v. the act of running your fingers through your lover's hair.
7. Jentacular --- n. breakfast, early morning food
8. Glas wen --- n. a smile that is insincere and mocking, Welsh for Blue Smile
9. Kummerspeck --- n. excess weight of gained from emotional overeating, German for Grief Bacon
10. Kai No Yokan --- n. the sense when meeting someone for the first time and come to sense with them that the two are going to fall in love, Japanese
11. Ebb --- n. the movement of the tide out of the sea, v. (of tidewater) move away from the land.

and my favorite one of all,

12. Toska --- adj. Russian, Vladmir Nabokov describes it best: “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom.

I've Always Been Bad At Psyching Myself Out

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these past few weeks were pretty hard on me.

writing is getting harder, drawing is getting harder,
putting my foot out of my house is getting harder.

trying is getting harder.

I'm scared I'm getting a little too comfortable.
I'm getting too soft.

I need to step up my A-game.
Wake up at 6 am.
Jog with Mum.
Bathe every day.
Eat healthy.
Just do something.

No more late night Internet surfing.
I ban, yes, I ban myself from going to the Internet.

No more watching morning TV.
Go upstairs and do something productive.


I'll update if I fail.

You Can Hide Away Your Feelings and Burn Your Bridges in the Dark, But I Know You Want to Break Through but We're Worlds Apart

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The graphics for this video.

I'll Tell You In My Little Own Ways How I've Missed You

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I can sneak into your dreams, you know.
I can do that. 
I had.

I'll tell you in my little own ways how I've
find you
and how I've
never want to lose you
and how I've
let you go
and how I've
come back 'round again
and how I've

You'll clutch me in your dreams
really tight, 
around these seagull shoulders,
like we're dancing,
like we're falling,
then you promised to tell me everything
through fluorescent screens.

And you teased me to find you
in the virtual world
like I hadn't sifted through so many strangers'
nightmares in order to see you
in this one.

You'd go back to your neon-eyeshadowed girlfriend,
the one from reality
you were finding for in your dreams,
and I'd watch you watch each other,
promising not to let go.

Then I let go.

Do You Want to Know What the Internet Taught Me?

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like anybody asked but
nonetheless, I will tell you.


you see, reading every posts and comments and articles online,
you're going to read that something you like that other people think is lame.

and apparently, I like a lot of lame things.

and for a second there, those things I like, I like less.
as if reading those condescending comments
ruined that thing I like for me.

"I don't get the hype. It's not really that great."
"They should get it canceled about now, tbh."
"Ugh, danggg, I find it so annoying."
"All of the characters are so generic, superficial."
"Really? People still care about it?"

 And it got me thinking:
Should I stop liking it because some people I don't know doesn't?
I understand that I'm a teenager and I'm bound to succumb to peer pressure
but really, just really, why should I change my taste because someone doesn't like it?

I'm at that point that I can read a comment and not get hurt by it for liking it.
I seriously don't care anymore.
I'm gonna watch/read/hear anything I like.
And if I find it awesome, then I find it awesome.
I guess I stopped wanting other people to find it awesome as well.

Who knew that I can learn life skills by being in my room from 8am to 9pm?

"So Like Beyonce Had A Baby And Her Name Is Ivy And She Weighs..."

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um. let me stop you there.
because I hardly care.
I mean, congrats on the baby and all.
But it's no big deal.

I feel really bad for all the other babies in the Baby Room.

Puan Sim, I Miss Your Class

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and all of those wonderful Literature characters.
I wonder what's new in the 2012 syllabus?

Young and So Ingestable

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I want you to notice me so badly.
And I want you so badly to notice me.

Excuse Me While I Pass Out

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Whoever can pull that off:


People Keep on Saying I Won't

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you won't fail.
you won't get bad grades.
you'd get all A+ for sure.
you're so smart.
what makes us?

I don't know. Why does my grades need to tell you that?
We're shoved out to the cold world alone.
Either we survive from using oil from potato chips or die from extreme hypothermia. Then, we eat you.

So that's how it's going to be for now on?
Tuck your arms in, bite the chain and hold on to dear life?
Nice. That sounds nice.

Insecurity is one hell of a demon.
Especially when you're surrounded with these names and mentions of Have you heard of him? He's so smart! and She's only fifteen! I'm so jealous. and He has 12 A+ and he turned down going overseas. Wowww...

I get it.
There are far more talented people out there than me.
I shouldn't get unhappy hearing about their success right?
I'm just jealous, I guess. Honestly speaking, yes, I am.
What have I done?
What have I done?

Part of me curses that I can't be that whiz kid that finished his doctorate at eighteen in MIT.
Part of me curses that I can't be that person who's so happy to draw for the rest of their life.
Part of me curses that I can't be that visionary that thought of that thing everyone actually needs.
Part of me curses that I can't be the person I can be.
What's wrong with me?
It's too wrong to feel this old.

A Comprehensive Guide to Become the Unique Girl

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After much evaluation and observation of blogs, articles, popular trends and star alignments (joking on the last one), I have noticed a pattern that young girls would don on as identities these days as a dignified rebellion and stark rejection to ritual Mean Girls clique (if you have never seen the movie, Mean Girls before, you would be completely at loss.) I've compiled a list for any girl that would like to experiment (or succumb to peer pressure) with this identity for social and perhaps, self fulfillment.

Be informed that this is purely a fluff piece and I urge in no way that anyone should take this seriously. Any harm or fatality caused, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relationship from practicing this list is purely the curious' responsibility and no blame should be placed on me, the fluff-writer.
Just have some fun and read a satirical post, won't you?

Now that I have abolished any potential lawsuit that would harbor me, let's start this list!


You might think that short skirts and tank tops are the way to go these days to tell the world that are you an individual, unique girl, then you are wrong! But then what should I wear to really, like REALLY, express my individualism? you'd ask. Let me tell you: go for some dark jeans, khakis and oh, what the hell, cargo pants to replace your xxxI'M HOT!!xxx ultra pink neon mini skirt or if you keep on going back to that skirt, a vintage floral one would do as well and the shortest it should go is that it covers half of your thigh. Because you're just too freaking classy.

Screw those tank tops and push-up bras, you're going to wear another vintage floral blouse or a baggy T-shirt with a cartoon on it that looked like it could belong to your boyfriend (if you have one in the first place.) And buy a lot of hoodies. Oh yes, buy loads of those because you need conceal yourself from the glares of the other efftards that goes to your school.

Shoes? Oh, Vans.


If you feel fancy and actually feel like you want to dress up for once, you strictly wear feather earrings or something that looks like a dream-catcher. And your pendants are made up from obscure animals like owls, dolphins, whales, pandas, doves or a sloth to signify that you have a similar intellect or freedom or laziness of these animals. Maybe a unicorn too. Because you're unique.
Your rings are mostly made up of things inspired by Paris, opals and vignettes. And you only carry vintage rucksacks to school because they're so small and cute. Don't mind all the extra books your arms have to carry.

Another tip to complete your look: go crazy on your nails. Put some outrageous color on them like Slime Green or Offensive Purple. Or make them look like galaxies. Yeah, that's cool. Also, grow out your hair till it's halfway through your back and dye the end strands with some primary colors that would go great with your hair. Depends on your hairstylist.


While all the other girls are mouth-foaming over another brand new three/five/seven books collection of teen romance disguised as paranormal/dystopian, you're in your room enveloped by a blanket, drinking tea and reading one of these author's books: John Green, Haruki Murakami, Lauren Oliver (only Before I Fall, not Delirium), James Patterson, Orhan Pamuk and the classics (Catcher in the Rye, Lolita, anything from Jane Austen.)

And oh, what is that music that is playing in your head? But of course it's Lady Gaga (not Katy Perry, oh hell no) or a little Robyn. And you like to mix it up with Wiz Khalifa and Drake because you're quite sure that you're made up of 100% swag. Also, you love to go nostalgia and hear songs that were made before you were such as from bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles or Bee Gees. Because there's nothing like the classic. And you love indie bands so much---Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine to name a few. Like so so so much. And you hate that they're not popular (but secretly you wish they won't or not you'd hate them.) AND OMG ADELE. LIKE ADELE ADELE ADELE. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH ADELE? YOU CAN'T.


Alright, so you're not like the other girls shares faces with their respective boyfriends because you're just too awesome and too unique to interact with boys of your peer.

Here are the type of men that you are just enthralled with:

1. Any guy from a foreign boyband---1Direction, The Wanted, Mindless Behavior
2. Justin Bieber and likewise---Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance blah blah blah (secretly.)
3. Any guy from a band---My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Panic! At the Disco
4. An actor from Harry Potter---King Weasley (Rupert Grint), Tom Felton, Alan Rickman...oh, Daniel Radcliffe
5. An actor from a literature period-piece movie/mini-series---i.e. any actor from Pride and Prejudice
6. An actor from the hottest currently airing shows
7. Any actor who's foreign and/or twice your age
8. An actor from the Twilight Franchise (admit it)
9. Or Zac Efron

And you are completely obsessed with your shipping/OTPs that takes most of your time you could have used to contact your real friends and have an actual relationship. But who could blame you? It's way more fun inside your head than out.


One word: Tumblr. That is all.
And you watch Youtube for hottest viral videos you got from Reddit or watch endless interviews of your idol.
You use Facebook to reply that one notification and apparently it was your friend from kindergarten  asking you to give some Manure to fertilize his virtual cabbage farm.


You bake like an angel and you use Nutella to cover everything from peanuts to rice.
You adore junkfood and nothing but junkfood. But you still don't know why you gain weight. But frankly, you don't care.


You finally badgered your parents to get you an IPad ***latest model, IPhone ***latest model, Macbook Pro, a Canon DSLR camera with fish-eye lens, Polaroid camera, Kindle and that toaster that cooks eggs as well. And now you just play with them.

And that comes to show how to really become 
that unique 21st century girl 
that everyone seems to relate to 
and find so attractive.
Have fun! xoxo

(writing this is fun and also quite nauseating. those two may not be linked. maybe.)

Should Have Never Went Online And Ruined It For Myself

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they almost died if it was not because of a Bee Gees ringtone.
Bee Gees.

Oh, Bee Gees.
(Oh goodness, who am I fooling? I'm still so excited to watch this.)

A Post About People Throwing Vegetables

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for those who lack interest, don't bother.
but you'll be missing some very nice pictures.

these people were having quite a rhythm
with their vegetable-throwing.
Now, the blue lorry sends vegetable to the white one
and the white one either keeps it or throw it to the market hand
a.k.a Guy with Red Shirt.
I'm not so sure about the quality of our vegetables
observing this exchanging.

another lorry came and now they start to throw corn.
(I, on the other hand, tried to stay inconspicuous in the car,
hopefully, unnoticed that I was taking pictures of them
as if they're distributing cocaine. I really hope they weren't.) 

Mum parked here at a car wash.
The dude was cleaning out the leaf-veins growing.

The man's Jamaican hat caught my eyes.
So I caught it with my camera.

I have no idea that at 1 pm, the market would be this busy.
There were so many lorries, doing business, throwing vegetables.

Some used cars up for sale opposite the market.
The ON FIRE!!! four-wheel-drive is still available
for future owners with flashy taste.

So meta, it's hilarious.

Short Route, Long Post

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okay, it's about time.

now let me just tell you something, and yes, I'm one hundred percent bragging and brushing my swag off my shoulders because I must just say: KK is the best.

My hometown trumps other hometowns like no one's business.
It's the most ideal of the most heavenly places you think of to spend your childhood in.
And as I was having a trip to the freaking market, I can get you picture evidence.

So here's a bunch of pictures I took today that would represent how green and scenic this place is. Be envious, oh, be very very very jealous.

this how it looks like taking one of the two routes going home.
and that building is the library with a giant, intended hole
(it's good for feng shui)

up on a hill going back home.

one of the highways here.
it's not really that big
but look, Celcom is advertising.

some huge freaking tree
it was ginormous. 

Foh Sang at 3 pm.

One of the other huge-ass trees here.
I'm no hipster but damn, it's nice for a city.

This Collection is Pretty Sick

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by that,  good sick.
look at all those bad-ass coats/jackets.