Judy, Jude and June.

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Amazing, to say the least.

June has come upon us and it is now official:
Half-way to 2011.
2010 really doesn't like us. I don't know why.

But holidays is just starting ;)
(Yes, in all the calamity, not being in school is the only reason why i'd put a winky face)

I heard that some people. Like some people. Has the bad luck to have exams this week.
(I was informed that it was Bio and Physics. Best wishes in passing.)

My exams are over so : freedom for me!
I passed my Add Maths. Yay.
That was my only goal because of what happened the last exam.
---I'd always call it "The Fabulous Mark of 12 Out Of 100"---
And 12 was my lucky number. Go figure. :p

So what is plan for The New and Improve June?
Since three weeks are holidays:
and that's an order.

"okay, don't party that hard."
it's fine. i got sobering things to do in the holidays too.
for example : my School Yearbook.
i need to scavenge around from people and pick at them 
so they could give me a Malay submission for Creative Writing

like my Dad would always tell me : you're a vulture.

thanks, Dad.
nice to know you're always honest to me.

oh right.
i just remembered. i need to read up on some books!
(Goal For Year 2010 : 273 more books)
stupid NILAM that makes us read.
why was i chosen of all people to read?
i like reading and all but i'm not a maniac.
no no no.
reading that many is almost suicidal.
scratch that.
IS suicidal.

half a year gone by and only read
*check NILAM book*

Well. Am I Screwed.

Oh, but June has it's good side too!!
(You could tell by now that Ash is avoiding
the fact she shouldn't blog right now and go read
some books but obviously, being Ash, she would
like to ignore it and shake it of with a nervous laugh.)
Where was I?
Oh right. June's good side.
I know one.
Two words, darling : True Blood.

And you might not know me
but I've been chanting June over and over again
with one of my best friends
for the past six months of 2010
because of the arrival of True Blood Season 3.

with the already firmly plated vampire in this story,
it was jaw-dropping to hear that the likes of the supernatural realm
like Fairies and Werewolves are added into the mix.
Gah. Whoah.
What next? Pixies?
(Hold up. Is pixies the same as fairies? I can't tell, really.)

Eh. But who cares?
I'm just waiting to see Godric again :)
---fine, i know he died but there will be flashbacks! hellooo?---

Therefore, i like to conclude this post with :
Eric's back, baby.

Feels Like An Interior Designer

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let's make it clear: i don't genuinely like pink.
there. i said it.
i thought i could change it into another colour...
but alas, it won't do.


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Here we go :)