So Now That It's Holiday, Let's...

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I Need To Stop Posting Things Like This

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I will print this
and remind myself daily.

Where Everything Is Made Up and The Points Don't Matter

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I miss watching reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Where else can you get this

and this

with this?


(gangstuh pose much? haha.)

When I Pretty Much Want To Talk About Something Excitedly All Day Non-Stop With Someone Because I Am Currently Obsessed About It

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, no one knows it.

Refreshing Mint, The Same Hint

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I feel kind of empty today.
I'm suspecting it's the trough of sugar high.
Changing the subject, despite my moodiness obvious in my vacant stare, somewhere inside of my heart, I am super psyched to go back to Rembau. I can't put on a smile right now but here 
I'm happy.

I need to doodle something. I need to read something.


All The Wonderful Books In The World And None Of Them In The Nearest Bookstores

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My To-Read wishlist in Goodreads have been piling up faster 
than crackers in crackers factory
and yet I cannot find any of them in the nearest bookstores.
Why is there no MPH bookstores here, I don't know!

Ash's List Of Things To Do Today

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1. Buy a wonderful book.
2. Finish another wonderful book.
3. Draw.
4. Open Quote Books and pretty much write back everything in One Note.
5. Buy something for a friend.
6. Bring some money.
7. Buy Nutella.

I've never done this on post before but oh well.

8. Try something new. CHECK.

I'm Practicing Self-Love Right Now

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When exam is pretty much over right now,
I'm trying to reconnect spiritually to everything.

Ways To Happiness

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I pretty much have done most of these things and I got to say, it really felt like a little of it.

You Got Designer Shades Just To Hide Your Face

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I've got that song in my head and I was just like

Never Ever Have I Ever

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And never have high expectations for a movie based on a book.

Billy Weaver Is No Sherlock Holmes

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(I'm going to miss that show.)

In other matter, I'm studying Literature tonight. I got my Mum brewing up some teh tarik for my insomniac pleasure. I sketched the picture above because I became slightly curious how the landlady's residences look like. Me gusta Billy Weaver, even though he is slightly slow in the head.

I Loved This Movie

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One Tranquli-tea for Me, Please

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The Arrow of Carnations the Fire Shoots Off

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I don't know how the future's going to be like and it's scary.
Will my best friend be the next president of Uruguay?
Will my brothers become Nobel Prize winners?

I would never know. For now.

I'm sorry. Biology never got me this deep.
Reading about the dorsal ganglion root and erythrocytes only makes me slightly aware of my surroundings and I start to wonder endlessly. Like today, Fred, Bren and I start to wonder about the essence of wind and I got so frustrated thinking about it, I just said, "Ah, frig. I'm just going to google it."

But it never makes me this deep.


OH OH I need to share something else!
A Pablo Neruda Sonnet. This is an excerpt:

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

If it sounded that good in English, the Spanish version must be utterly flawless.
(Which reminds me, Literature is another subject worry for exam. Agh.)

Twinkie Guy As Haymitch And Now I'm Dancing

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Now on to Cinna.
(Loving the adult cast for the upcoming Hunger Games movie!)

It's amazing I'm still following like a stalker at every casting news of this movie with exam cascading down at me like a ton of books. By History Paper II, I was prepared for God to take me. LIKE TAKE ME. I am so tired. But I need to wrap my brain around Physics so now I'm like Q=It V=IR P=F/A all that shiz.

Though I'm being paranoid how my Physics teacher is going to make the questions because we still don't quite understand his style of writing. And I heard Add Maths is going to be HARD. I am DOOMED. This might be an understatement, but I might just implode and cease to exist in the befuddled, complicated cycle of f(x) and dy/dx named Add Maths.

But when I think about it, I haven't read a single sentence about Biology
and Add Maths is next Monday so now I'm like:

Would Everyone Just Chill?

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This stress isn't necessary.
This whole week is like a sucker punch in the face.
Tuesday - Chemistry, Wednesday - History, Thursday - Physics, Friday - Biology
If they had Add. Maths on Monday, I'm sure I'm not going to have enough sleep the whole week.
And I couldn't study now because everything is too distracting. (Like this.)
And people are screaming all around me.
Making funny noises to prove a statement.
I left my earplugs downstairs.
(I need earplugs so I don't have to hear to people screaming all the time.)
I am kind of homesick. As in sick of home.

Aww. A kid outside on the road is making meow sounds while twirling around with his dog.

Cute kid.

Out About Pictures

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Best drink in the world.
Any takers?

I saw this in BTC KK
and I immediately thought:
I am going to make PANTS OUT OF IT.
MC Hammer Moment.

Someone's going to get fired :p
The road to the airport.
There's The Venetian on the left-hand side of the second picture.

This is about the time where I wish I have a camera that could zoom.
Creative wrapping, Mentos!
Too cute ;)

Mini-Bazaar Ain't So Mini

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We went all out.

Banner courtesy of Bren and I.
I know, we're like banner-designing superstars.
(Note: the top of SRM is inspired by BLACKANDYELLOWBLACKANDYELLOW.)

Bren with the pretty hairband Nina made.
Talented child ;)

These were all sold out for Pandu Puteri.
Can I just say we are mad salesladies?

I love my customers that day.
One of them even ask for pink swirlies on his cheeks.

Let's just say, it's a good and final bazaar for my last year in my school.
(I might come back to haunt you.)

I Can Relate

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should buy this for my sister
because she's obviously a Trekkie.

I Feel You, Honey. I Feel You.

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Don't Tell Creepy Dreams About Ghost and Stairs in the Middle of a Blackout

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It leads to irrational freak outs and ridiculous giddyness.
Especially when one has to face two flights of unlighted stairs.
Horrid, just horrid symptoms.

I Bought Nutella

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and I can't stop thinking about it.
I just---I just can't. No.
It's just there. In my fridge. Waiting for me.
Cooling. And freezing. Waiting.

If I would have to choose between the option of having unlimited supply of peppermint ice-cream drizzled with Nutella but my toenails would grow insanely fast, I buy me one chain nail-clipper because I would rather clip away and eat (though, not at the same time, ew.)

Okay. I can't be here any longer.

Dreaming About Shoes Eh?

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oh, appreciating SO BAD.

I'll Spin You Around 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise and See How You Like It

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Oh my.
Well, this is embarrassing. It's like meeting up with an old friend and not knowing what to say. I know. I've pretty much ignored updating here because of my busted computer. Every time I did go online and thinking of updating here I'd be like, "btch, please. I've got better things to do."
I'm in the middle of the mid-year exam and I've got BM and Maths down like pants on the ground. And what the freak my internet---oh wait, it's back, sorry for simultaneously updating my disbelieving disappointment when my computer told me I was not connected to the internet and that's a little too much information because my head is still reeling from the pain which was named Maths Paper 1. I am murderous for transformation for rotation. I don't understand where the freak I can find the centre of the ninety degrees and---so, it's Friday and yes, we got-got-gotta get down on Friday so I be studying my stuff here while you be moving along.

Oh fudge.
Did I just quoted Rebecca Black? How cliché.