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what? perfect-weather Malaysia has a haze?

my beautiful coast scenery :'(

it ain't a drive by

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it's a pass by
i thought, are forgivable
to give one night like this:

safe and fever-warm
with both of my parents
cloaked from sight in 
the darkness of night
but always there, always there.

going home, northwards
with distant strobes to guide us.
they'll bring me there, bring me there.

along the way, silence thrummed the engine
and pleasant sights thinning
patch by patch, piece by piece;
we glide through,
slice through.
this is peace.

a short poem for a drive after grocery shopping,
and here's some songs which are always great and pleasant
to hear to relax and drive to.

now for some obscure foreign songs that you could play while drinking your coffee

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some ipoh white coffee always takes off an edge at the end of the day.
i took this while taking a break from studying physics during study week.
during the whole exam week, it was the kindest and loveliest weather
of drizzle and cloudy breeze, one can't ask for more
except for really???during exam week???

now that i'm back home, the weather is horrendously hot
and i have 4 days of puasa to ganti.
oyy oyy.
but that's just life.

my eyes are blinded and my heart is shallow

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 ©  Paradise Kiss, Ai Yazawa

some paradise kiss gifs because it's over the 1mb limit for tumblr
but it's way too pretty not to be uploaded somewhere.
and yes, i went for the captain obvious episode of the most likely to be gifed.
giffing is a fun hobby!
lesser-known episodes soon!  (ノ゜∇゜)ノ  


for friends who are lost at sea, for comrades drowning in poison

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reading the lyrics never fail to bring a tear into my eyes.
great song to help you reflect and do a little soul-searching.
all the best.

an excuse to post up some of my paradise kiss gifs

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So I've been rewatching paradise kiss astutely for the pretty of the anime and ugh my thirteen year old self just falls in love with animation all over again. Especially the photograph-like sceneries and outrageous patterned outfits. I could never... So I've made some amateur gifs around it (because I've nothing better to do to fill in the days awaiting my results and ganti puasa). Though, basically the gifs I made are biasly towards George's Jaguar...

deciding pinpoint academic decision in a playground,
though one can't ignore the fierceness of isabella with her umbrella.

i'm deciding whether to put this as my blog banner...

 ©  Paradise Kiss, Ai Yazawa

you don't get the right to question the right answers

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“If you're in pitch blackness, 
all you can do is sit tight 
until your eyes get used to the dark.” 

also cute stickers, damn these korean products

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i'm going to buy all the cute notebooks in the world
i don't care if i never use them
i just need them.

all of my friends are pretty gorg
i may sound like i'm bragging but that would be lying...

i promise you darkness

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if i was a music video director,
i'll go all-out black&white.

underwater vacancy

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