my advice to you, every day and night:

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Red And Blues, Red And Blues; The Sun, Me And You.

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The sky can swallow thousands of birds
into its ever-changing color,
leaving a trace of feather
that fits the tuck of your ear.

The sun can be close to your heart,
shines your eyes and warms your toes,
while the world fogs your windows,
you stay safe. You stay happy.

I'll be the adventurer, the plaid and knit
finding this cottage of yours,
in the thicket of winter wonderlands,
tracing the light,
holding on to a single feather
tucked in my breast pocket.

Writing poems is healthy.
Very healthy.

Puan Sim is right:
Even if you aspire to be a doctor,
you need to learn a little literature
to keep some form of humanity with you.
(Not that being a doctor makes you less inhumane.)
But it's nice to take a break from learning
and start creating.

The poem isn't any good.

But I like the idea of finding warm sunshine
in the end of a cold journey.

Simple as that.

what am i doing.

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I'm supposed to wake up in T-minus 5 hours to exert non-existent energy on lugging my belongings to the AB dorm. Welp. Well. Wells.

ice-cream cools my heart

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makes it cold,
makes it sweet.
when it's sad,
when it's needed.

the cycle, really.

Ice-cream in the library's cafe.
Only RM1.80! Worth it, to be honest.
No peppermint but cappuccino was delicious.

be safe, my lion.

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even when your backs are turn.
please, just, i beg.
don't be the people who laugh at me.

i let you in 

so please 

don't walk yourselves out.

i don't know why i'm being judged
for being stupid.
when really, it's the other way around.

i shouldn't be judged for being different.
and i'm not going to change who i am.

i don't know. i don't know.

"Though known for his severity and sternness, his serenity had been disturbed
and he had been sad at heart---for he had a heart though many didn't think so."

Arabian Nights & Days, Naguib Mahfouz

I'm so addicted with this book.

Maybe I Should Buy A Waffle Machine of My Own

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I'm starting to get use to this.
The routine. The smell of my dorm.
I got a hang of what to put in my bag.

I still have no idea about dinner.
Appetite is another thing.

I am an adult

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And I buy what I want.

Viva Life of the Swing

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I'm starting to learn I should never bore myself with the same things.
Keep changing, keep evolving.
Even if it's just the screen of your phone.