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i don't really know what to post about 
so here's a compilation of photos of
from the past 4 months since i started my degree

this cat has been stealing from our garbage lately
lucky it's cute

burger guy in black shirt with fantabalous hair
with straw in his mouth is pretty attractive yo

some douchey-vintage drawing i did
during the toastmaster's meeting

somebody's watching too many adventure time

the sea from the ums chancellery

chem-e-car props

morning of my maths test 2
it was a lovely day...to die

nasi goreng pataya alone

cloudy day in kk.
the sepanggar hills looked like tsunamis

also beenzino but that's given lol

and when i come into your arms, i'd pull your ribs apart so i could be closer

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"and they take their love in wholes. not in parts, not in crumbs.
they take both the tender subtlety and the raging destruction.
they can survive without each other, they cannot live without one another.
a push and pull; a tug and stumble; a fall and drowning.
mirrors, reincarnation, parallels---whatever you call it.
it was them.
they've sworn over and over to not wait for each other
but both of them knew themselves as great liars."


i need another soul-destroying love story, thank you very much.

i haven't posted anything in weeks so why do i still get huge numbers in my pageviews?

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i'm still grateful, tho.