Eff The Bieber Fever, I'm In A Koma

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I saw this video yesterday and I instantly stayed just to find out
who was playing the hook.


This is Why I Love My Childhood

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when it was on TV today, 
I sang along to it the same way I use to when I was little.

my childhood was beautiful because of this song.
oh my gosh, don't cryyy.

p.s. the translation isn't exactly correct, for a better one, hit up Youtube.

Fashion Documentaries

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I'm slightly interested in them after watching a Marc Jacobs one on TV.
(and it kinda changed my whole life.)

So I've been intuitive enough to scour some more in the near future.



Signe Chanel
Bill Cunnigham New York
The September Issue
Tom Ford (aired on OWN)

And This Is My Excuse for the Lack of Writing in My Posts These Days

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So I'm Like 20 Minutes Fresh From Watching Speed Racer

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And despite the obvious dizziness and epilepsy you could get that rivals the glare in the Enterprise from the recent Star Trek movie, I still enjoyed it the hell out of it. Say I have bad taste but I don't really care. Rain is in it. 'Nuff said.

And wow, like, reading the Wiki page on it, the creater of the manga is pretty careful at symbolism. It pretty much works in every language. Genius, that is.

And Once Again Life Proves Itself to be as Unpredictable as an Effing Reciprocal

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you think I'm going to let you wallow in the curve of negativeness
and just keep going down and down until you come across the y-intercept
and finish the your pathetic negative gradient curve there

but no

suddenly, I'm going to put you back up to the First Quadrant
and you'd be a freaking positive curve now
and you'd be okay by then



I Demand Whose Line Is It Anyway To Be Put Back To Its Rightful Place on TV Everyday

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Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice pants!
Why the glitter? WHY NOT?
Richard Simmons
Mum, why does no one look like me in Friends?
Jittery bug? JITTERBUG!

It all started from 
a badly-timed bald joke.

Cam Guides My Life With His Wisdom and His Cuteness

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Write A Cinquain

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I was looking through some old posts until I discovered this:

So the Golden Rule of Cinquain is like this:

Noun A
Two words that describes Noun A
Three verbs Noun A can do that end with -ing
A sentence related to Noun A
Noun B that is a synonym of Noun A

asdfghjkl for bored days.


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Alright, so I watched the Awkward marathon on MTV for strictly in-the-know basis. And it wasn't bad, I guess. Though I kind of hate almost everyone in it, especially the counselor. Yeah, especially the counselor. But that would just be called being a teenager, wouldn't it? Hahahaha, silly me. And it goes to show that teenagers nowadays, instead of using a pen quill and moth-ridden diary, rather use a stable Internet connection and Times New Roman to express and self-analyse their daily life. Well, you can't water damage the internet, can you?

Anyways, back to the show, I was surprised that, unlike most family shows on tv right now, that this one show got the teenage realm down. To just simplify, oddly, watching this show, I almost knew every single one of the characters. Like I met them before and their cliches, their perks and their weaknesses are somewhat familiar to me, like I've seen them before. It was like your life unfolds right on the LED screen in HD. (Though I have never been misunderstood for killing myself.) And when Jenna wore that white shirt with swallow prints, I instantly wanted that shirt, despite the Mom (which seems to be a tanner, dark-haired version of I'm A Cool Mom from Mean Girls) asking her to change it. I don't see the problem with that shirt really. It's to die for.

Okay, I'll end at that note because I'm just writing this post to remember to buy a shirt like that. And I'm sorry if I'm using your time reading this but look at that shirt. How can you not want it?

This Cat Will Be My Cat

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And I will name it 
in honour of Kim Jong-gook.


oh my God, I can't help myself.

That. Hairstyle.

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I'm a girl but I want to sport those mad flops tbqh

Tea, Pinky Lift and All That Jazz

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deimus enjoying some tea in the morning before going on his chain smoking

very much addicted to tea now.

I curbed my canduan towards coffee
but now I'm back to tea.
With sugar.
But it does help me feel more English.
And sophisticated. 
And less tired.

I also drink more when I'm stressed.

Tea, that is.

Hoyeah Mind Maps

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I want this man to be my teacher in 
anything and everything.

I can remember some of his videos that I watched last year.
I don't even remember what weather it was yesterday.

I Love This Movie 99 Percent Because of this Man

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When Maths Get You Down

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get up and lip sync with your earphones on.
 ( just go all out and sing your Pocketful of Sunshine. )

Actual Quality Post in a Really Really Long Time

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SPM hasn't been kind to me.

Nevertheless, a quick sketch should ease up the stress.
And becomes a reminder of things I still not have grasped in the art world.
Oh the eff well.


But Talking About Gag Concert,

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We Speak of the Uncomfortable Truth and Nothing But The Uncomfortable Truth

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no gag concert pun.

80's Music Fits Every Kind of Weather

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it's kind of funny that my parents are surprised when I began to sing along shania or bee gees or celine dion or even eagles. and it's also funny that they don't remember that they blast those songs 24/7 in our household as long as I was still a toddler. I've got the home videos to prove it.

in other news, it's been raining.


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I don't know why I can't confide anymore. I don't know why.

Just A Small Town Boy

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when I saw this.
I can't contain myself.

I'm so excited for this movie.
I know it could never match up to the books.
but frankly, idgaf.

This Picture Would Get Me Through the Day

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credit to whosoever took this


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Dad: So, how more papers left?

Me: 6 more.

Littlest Bro: So when you finish lah?

Me: Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


It's Amazing What You Can Find if You Spent Time

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The thing written there was along the lines of:
Warning: too much hotness can attract ladies.


So there was this kid at the supermarket.
That's him sitting on the floor.
So he was just siting there.
Without his mummy.
And eating a bucket of chicken.
At a supermarket that doesn't sell fried chicken.

H M M.

The car next to us had some lovely occupants.
They were laughing and joking.
A dad and daughter, if I'm not mistaken.
It's really rare to see people act like that in the car nowadays.

L I V E     H A R D

Hey. Hey, Trig.

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"Excuse me but this is just a talking fish bone."

I lost myself by then.

I know it seems to be delirious that I could be so cool and calm right now like I freaking own my SPM results even before it starts. But why am I just so numb? People keep on telling me to my best but am I really? Why can't I take this seriously anymore?

Why do I built myself up then break myself down?

We Interrupt this Program for a Special News Bulletin

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Want, Need and Everything in Between

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whatever, man.
I can lose weight anytime I want.

I want some of these

and these

and these

My Brother In-Law

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okay, correction: future brother in-law.
but still.

I even have an awesome thing made for sister when she comes back home.


Oh God, I Remembered Watching This With My Dad

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it pretty much made Daniel Radcliffe endearing to me forever.

I Should Be Freaking Out Right?

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Calling the sirens.
Ringing the bells.
Pounding the gong.
Releasing the hounds.

Sound the mayhem.

But oddly, 

I feel calm.

So calm.
And secure.
And sure of myself.
So confident.

Why do I feel this way when I know the exam
that would be the pivot point of my life is in two weeks?

Maybe because I am.